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Artscape makes space for creativity and transforms communities

We believe that there is a symbiotic relationship between thriving artists and thriving communities. The core of our work focuses on developing real estate projects, programs and services to empower artists and connect them to communities.

As a not-for-profit organization based in Toronto, we collaborate with artists, community leaders, public policy advocates, philanthropists and urban developers, so that our work builds value for everybody.

In 2006, we coined the term “creative placemaking” to describe what we do. Today, there is a global community of practice involved in creative placemaking that seeks to leverage the power of arts and culture as a catalyst for cultural, community and urban development.

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Our projects, which include a portfolio of community cultural hubs and artist live/work studios across Toronto cluster creative people together in facilities that are designed to generate positive cultural, social, economic and environmental benefits for the entire community.


While interest in art and demand for creative content are greater than ever, an affordability crisis, digital disruption and precarious work are making it harder for artists to make a living and remain in Toronto. Artscape is committed to providing a broad range of spaces, programs, resources and opportunities to help artists thrive.

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People living a/o working in our spaces
Savings passed on to tenants on occupancy costs
Public event and performance venues
Visitors to our spaces for events & activities /year

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“Art, culture and creativity have the power to help build vibrant, resilient and inclusive neighbourhoods and cities.” — Tim Jones, CEO, Artscape

Where We Are

We operate programs and a portfolio of community cultural hubs, live/work studios, galleries and other facilities all over Toronto.

Community Cultural Hubs

Artist Live/Work Spaces

Performance & Event Venues

New Developments

Community Cultural Hubs

These mixed-use cultural facilities contain spaces like commercial/retail studios, offices, galleries, live/work studios, performance and event venues, cafes and public hangouts.

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