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Creative Spaces Outside the Core

Artscape is excited to be leading an important new initiative this fall! Creative Spaces Outside the Core is a strategic planning and capacity building initiative focused on the location, models, and development of community cultural infrastructure in Toronto neighbourhoods outside the downtown core. The goal of the initiative is to better understand how creative spaces can grow (and thrive) in underserved communities, while building capacity and partnerships amongst community stakeholders.

Creative Spaces Outside the Core is planned around a stakeholder engagement program spearheaded by an interagency steering committee including Artscape, local art service organizations, community service agencies, affordable housing providers, the Toronto Arts Council, and the City of Toronto.  The program aims to build knowledge, capacity and partnerships through a series of webinars, roundtable meetings, and a partnership forum taking place from June to December 2013.

Many neighbourhoods in the city continue to face a wide array of challenges, often inextricably linked to their urban and economic geographies. Invited stakeholders will explore circumstances affecting the growth and sustainability of creative spaces outside the core, including socio-economic factors, transit connectivity, the typologies of built form, and the design and use of public spaces.

The Creative Spaces Outside the Core steering committee will be working with diverse stakeholders over the coming months across the north, west and east ends of Toronto. The program events will bring together local voices and expert panelists from all areas of the city to discuss particular interests, challenges, and opportunities in underserved communities.

If you know of a project or a space in your neighbourhood that you think should be included in the conversation please contact Be sure to check out Creative Spaces Outside the Core on Artscape DIY every now and then for meeting summaries, and to watch the webinars.

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