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Nurielle Stern Work In Studio

Inside the Artscape Distillery Studios

Meet some of the wonderful studio occupants at the Artscape Distillery Studios! We dropped by last week and asked a few questions about their practice.

Joya Paul In Her Studio
Joya Paul In Artist Studio With Paint-splattered Apron

"About our studio, we love the connection to the people that come here and that we can run workshops as well as sell our art." -- Joya Paul

Jill Cribbin Working On Glass Bead

"I'm fully immersed in Christmas Market madness. Trying to make work as fast as it sells -- a challenge worth taking on!!" -- Jill Cribbin, TANK Jewelry and Beads

Susan Card Of DISH Studio

"The best part [of my studio] is opening my kiln after firing. It is like Christmas. Sometimes you get a great surprise, but sometimes you are disappointed, and then you want to try again to make a piece perfect." -- Susan Card

Hoi-An Tang Sitting Behind Her Desk

"What's inspiring me right now is the possibility of being more organized again. The last couple years have been very busy. I'm working towards getting all my ducks in a row!" -- Hoi-An Tang of me hoi

Nurielle Stern

"Right now, I'm feeling inspired by a recent trip to the Met Cloisters in New York City, as well as the Morgan Library's jaw-dropping exhibition of illuminated manuscripts with treasure bindings." -- Nurielle Stern

Bianca Guna In Her Studio

"My studio is the place that allows me to grow as an artist. It is a place to think, play and create, as well as to show, store and teach. It is a place to connect with other fellow artists, to share and exchange art info and feel the art pulse of the community." -- Bianca Guna

Nick Hadzis

"I knew I wanted to be an artist when I was in grade school. I was picked to go to Saturday morning art classes for kids gifted in art. The thing is, I never felt I picked being an artist; it picked me." -- Nick Hadzis

Artist Sarah Phelps Painting In Her Studio

"I've been an artist since I was four ... I planned on going to University for Fine Arts but changed my mind last minute and earned my Bachelor of Science degree instead. I became a Wildlife Biologist and tracked wild animals in the field" -- Sarah Phelps

Andrew Rowat Sitting On A Ladder In His Studio

"I did my degree in Marine Biology and it was only in my late 20s that I decided to make the jump to being an artist full-time." -- Andrew Rowat

Joya Paul In Her StudioJill Cribbin Of TANK In Her StudioSusan Card Of DISH StudioHoi An Tang In Her StudioNurielle SternBianca Guna In Her StudioNick HadzisSarah PhelpsAndrew Rowat
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