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Countdown to Launchpad Opening November 1

The finishing touches are being completed, equipment installed, tours given, safety mechanisms tested, all in preparation for welcoming members to Artscape Daniels Launchpad on November 1.

We asked the Launchpad team of Studio Technicians for their favourites among the exceptional state-of-the-art tools, technology and equipment available to members in the Creative Studios. Here’s what they said:

Textiles + Fashion Studio

The TC2 Jacquard Loom is one of only three in Ontario at this time and enables the production of a 40” maxim woven width.  Helen Weston, Lead Studio Technician Textiles + Fashion, Fine Metals + Jewellery, explains what makes it so great: “It can produce highly complex fabrics at a range of widths and densities depending on how the loom is set up. The designer/maker can weave one single image across its complete width or weave repeat patterns on the same warp. Changes to designs can be made as the cloth is being woven. The TC2 is entirely computer driven operating through a specific loom control software which can be used in conjunction with Photoshop or Industrial software packages. Unlike industrial looms, the TC2 is designed to be operated by the creator/designer/weaver, physically throwing the shuttle back and forth and engaging at all times with cloth production.”

Digital Loom


Fine Metals + Jewellery Studio

The Fine Metals + Jewelry Studio will be housing an OROTIG Laser Welder, EVO 125, one of the most compact class of welding machines on the market. Studio Technician, Jocelyn Li, is enthusiastic about this compact, yet powerful machine. “It can accommodate a variety of applications for artists such as eyewear, jewellery with stone settings, chain repair, and other precision micro-welding projects,” she points out. This specialized tool for micro-welding operations on non-ferrous and ferrous metal alloys is integrated with a Leica stereo-microscope with 10x magnification and an on-board camera.  Best of all the touch-screen is easy to use and allows the artist to quickly change settings while working as needed.

Laser Welder


Woodworking Studio 

A top pick for Studio Technician Alex Whimbush, is a 3-axis CanCAM 3 horsepower CNC router with a 6-tool automatic tool changer, vacuum bed and 10 inches of vertical travel. “Members will be able to use it to carve complex 3D geometries as large as 48”x48”x10” out of wood, plastic, foam, etc., using up to six different carving tools in a go. They can design it in CAD, load it onto a USB stick and hit ‘go’.“ Aside from sculptural carving within that envelope the CNC Router can be used for engraving signs, cutting out multiple identical shapes from a sheet (e.g. for lamellar construction, cutting gears, cutting gussets or brackets from sheets).  “It’s going to be very cool,” says Alex, adding that a close second for him are the SLA 3D printers in the Digital Fabrication Studio capable of printing complex shapes out of a wax-like resin for investment casting. Pretty amazing!

CNC Router

To check out these amazing facilities and find out more about becoming a member and sign up to take a tour, click here.


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