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TC2 Loom

What you need to know about the TC2 Jacquard Loom

Launchpad’s Textiles + Fashion Studio features a state-of-the-art Thread Controller 2 (TC2) Jacquard Loom. One of only three in Ontario right now, this stunning piece of machinery allows designers and creators to produce textiles with a 40” maximum woven width.

Having worked with the TC2 before, studio lead Helen Weston is thrilled to have this equipment at Launchpad.

“It can produce highly complex fabrics at a range of widths and densities depending on how the loom is set up,” says Weston. “Creatives can weave one single image across its complete width or weave repeat patterns on the same warp.”

Meanwhile, changes to designs can be made in real time as the cloth is being woven, Weston explains.

The TC2 is entirely computer driven operating through loom-control software. The software can be used in conjunction with Photoshop or Industrial software packages.

And one of the best parts of this equipment? According to Weston, it’s the fact that the TC2 is designed to be operated by the creator. You can physically throw the shuttle back and forth and engage every step of the way with cloth production.”

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