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Daniels Spectrum  Short Film (2)

A sneak peek at Regent Park students’ latest film project

The Regent Park community is gearing up for the 2019 Regent Park Film Festival (RPFF), which is held at Daniels Spectrum in November each year.

Students from the Regent Park School of Music and the ArtHeart after school program are collaborating on an exciting new project for the RPFF – the production of an animated short film.

The children at ArtHeart have just completed filming, with the help of guest artist Raoul Olou. Using coffee grounds as a medium, students explored surrealism through animation and made up scenes for the short film as they went along.

Next up, RPSM students will watch the film and compose a musical score. They will perform the music live during the film’s premiere in November at the 2019 Regent Park Film Festival at Daniels Spectrum.

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