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Artscape Distillery Studios is where the holiday magic happens

Walking around Artscape Distillery Studios, you’ll find all sorts of unique artwork, artisanal goods and handmade pieces that are perfect for gifting to your loved ones this Holiday Season. We stopped by to chat with some of the local artists in the retail complex where you can watch your gifts being made right before your eyes.         

Hoi-An Tang – Mehoi

Hoi-An Tang painstakingly designs, cuts and crafts the stunning pieces found in her studio. From the adorable characters she imagines and subsequently brings to life, to the striking geometric jewellery, Hoi-An does it all right in her shop. “I am always thinking up characters,” she says. “I have a backlog of characters just waiting to come to life.” Stop by her shop to see what she’s working on next!

Barbara Wybou – Barbara Wybou Art Studio

For Barbara, each one of her art pieces is an exercise in skill and patience. The artist specializes in Japanese Woodblock Printing – a process that is as complex as it is visually stunning. Each one of Barbara’s pieces includes the making of a wooden block, layering it with paint, then transferring it to paper as often as necessary for the colour to hold. Sometimes, one piece of artwork can have as many as 40 layers. Others can have hundreds of layers. And the result is always stunning and always worth taking a look at up close.

Jill Cribbin – Tank Jewelry & Beads

Every year, Jill becomes immersed in Toronto Christmas Market fever. For her, this time is about trying to produces pieces as fast as they sell. Looking at her outstanding work adorning her shop, it’s easy to see why she stays busy. “It’s a challenge worth taking on,” she says. Make sure you grab the piece you want before it sells out!


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