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AGP – Allison Rowe

Meet Allison Rowe, Artscape Gibraltar Point’s Winter Island January Artist-in-Residence

Allison Rowe’s project for her Winter Island Residency is all about seasonal joy, community and exploration. Bringing together youth Island residents and Artscape Gibraltar Point residency participants, Allison will build a large snow fort.

To culminate her residency, Allison will transport the community back to moments of childhood nostalgia, facilitating a winter play day and snow ball fight inspired by the Canadian film classic La Guerre des Tuques (commonly known in English as The Dog Who Stopped the War). Allison is the perfect person to lead this project, as her community-engaged projects have been manifested in numerous spaces including the Dovercourt Boys and Girls Club, the Yukon Riverside Arts Festival, and at Toronto Public Library. And what better way to conclude this nostalgic day than with hot chocolate and a screening of the film.

Through this project, Allison aims to create an opportunity for children and adults to participate in a communal exploration of the natural sculptural materials available on the Toronto Islands in the winter (snow, ice, twigs, dried leaves, and fallen logs) and to find joy in outdoor winter play.


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