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Aneesh Singh

Meet Aneesh Singh, Launchpad Studio Technician

Aneesh Singh is Launchpad’s Studio Technician in the Woodworking and Digital Fabrication Studios. With a degree in architecture, Aneesh honed his skills as a studio technician at Ryerson University before coming to Launchpad. Aneesh’s interests are in digital fabrication, computational design, and industrial design. He is himself a creative entrepreneur, and so is excited to have access to the tools, skills and knowledge at Launchpad to enable him to start his own creative practice. We sat down with Aneesh to talk about what’s going on in the Creative Studios he oversees.

Q: What was it that drew you to work at Launchpad?

A: I wanted to have access to this equipment and gain a better understanding for my own design skills. I also wanted to be part of this bigger project.

Q: Does being a part of the Launchpad team give you a better sense of how to get started on your own creative practice?

A: Definitely. And also, there’s members with a lot of different creative backgrounds and you get to see where they’re coming from and what they’re doing. So definitely I have some ideas of what I want to do.

Q: Out of all the equipment you’ve used, what’s your favourite?

A: There’s a lot of cool stuff here: The laser cutter, the resin printers, the CNC routers in Woodworking. Lots of cool things.

Q: What are some cool things you’ve seen happen here so far?

A: So far, the coolest thing has been seeing how jewellery comes together in the Fine Metals + Jewellery Studio. How someone designs it, prints it, casts it in the 2 and 2D Digital Fabrication studio and then puts it together and finishes it off in the jewelry studio. It’s pretty cool.

Q: Do you have a creative practice of your own?

A: At the moment, I don’t. I’ve made some furniture and some other products in the past, but that’s been on hold for a bit. Hopefully being here, I can fit that into my time here at Launchpad.

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