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What’s new in the Fine Metals + Jewellery Studio

Starting in February, Launchpad will introduce new courses for members interested in working in the Fine Metals + Jewellery Studio.

“The new courses are an introduction on how to use jewelry tools and how they relate to other pieces of equipment in the studio,” says Studio Technician Helen Weston.

An expert in textiles, art and design, Helen is uniquely qualified to develop and teach these courses to members as an artist, designer and educator. She holds two Master of Arts Degrees in Arts Management and Textiles and a Bachelor of Arts (Hons) Industrial Textile Design.

Along with producing sculptural objects and bespoke floor designs, Helen has also taught undergraduate and post graduate students in Constructed Textiles for nearly two decades.

The courses will show members how to use torches, welding materials and more.

While the courses in Fine Metals + Jewellery Studio are focused on the studio tools and equipment, members will be able to take advantage of other courses in different studios.

“An Introduction to Design course is also coming up as part of the Textiles + Fashion Studio”, says Helen. Among other things, members will learn design basics such as how to dye fabrics, create patterns.

Stay tuned for more information about where to register for the new courses Helen and the Launchpad team are developing.

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