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Be part of the dialogue on culture and creativity as catalysts for civic engagement at Daniels Spectrum

On Friday, Jan. 25, DemocracyXChange participants will take over Daniels Spectrum to explore the role of culture and creativity as catalysts for civic engagement and social inclusion.

Participants will do a brief walking tour of the Regent Park neighbourhood, which will culminate with a tour of Daniels Spectrum, where they will engage in open dialogue on the vital importance of arts and culture in creating a place for frank dialogue, expression of creativity, inclusion and hope.

Participants will learn how Daniels Spectrum is working to place culture at the centre of engaging, supporting and sustaining residents across Regent Park, a social housing community undergoing rapid transformation.

Every year, DemocracyXChange brings together initiatives, organizations and people from around the world who are activating change in their communities from the ground up.

Hosts will include Jermyn Creed, Community Hub manager of Daniels Spectrum and Regent Park community members, as well as LoriAnn Girvan, Chief Operating Officer of Artscape. Other community members and Daniels Spectrum partners will also be in attendance.

Make sure you check out DXC Open Spaces at Daniels Spectrum on Friday, January 25 between 2:00 PM and 3:30 PM. If DXC isn’t yet on your radar, it’s not too late to grab your tickets to hear from speakers and like-minded individuals.

Visit for more information.

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