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Anton Dyck Is Artscape's New Woodworking Studio Tech For

“I love the process of taking an idea that’s in your head and making it a reality.” – Anton Dyck, Woodworking Studio Tech

If you’ve visited Artscape Daniels Launchpad recently, you might have noticed the beautiful custom-design and handcrafted wood tables in our Textiles + Fashion and Woodworking studios. These massive plywood and oak tables are where members can dream up unlimited designs, ideas and creations and bring them to life all in the same space.

But you might not know that these tables were actually crafted by Launchpad’s very own Anton Dyck, our new Woodworking Studio Technician.

This is one the beautiful custom-made tables at Launchpad designed and hand-crafted by our own Anton Dyck.
CREDIT Vita Amati/Ryan Emberley Photography

Woodworking runs in Anton’s family. His father was a contractor, and while studying Anthropology at the University of Toronto, Anton spent his summers helping out in the family business. That hands-on environment with his dad is where he learned the ropes and honed his craft.

He’s so skilled, that he built a mini-house on his own. It doesn’t have plumbing or electrical wiring, he says, but it’s a house.

“I love the process of taking an idea that’s in your head and making it a reality,” he says. And that’s why he came to Launchpad.

“I’ve seen some great things happening in the Woodworking Studio,” Anton says. “Recently, one of our members came in and asked for help on bringing an incredibly intricate and complex design to life. He was making a prototype that was going to be mass produced. And he was able to get the exact detailing that he needed by using our CNC router.”

Even though Anton is new to the team, he says he’s most excited to see what Launchpad members create in this space and how he can help people solve technical problems.

“I’m looking forward to just seeing what people come up with and how we can all collaborate on projects together.”

Book a tour at Launchpad or just drop by the Woodworking Studio to say hi and find out what other exciting projects he’s working on.

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