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Casey Johnson Is Artscape Daniels Launchpads New Studio Lead For The Digital Media Lab

Meet Casey Johnson, Digital Media Lab’s newest studio lead

Exciting things are happening in Artscape Daniels Launchpad’s Digital Media Lab! As we get ready to open the Lab to members in April, Casey Johnson has joined the Launchpad team as the Digital Media Lab’s Studio Lead. Casey studied History at McGill University in Montreal, but the campus’ strong focus on the creative arts drew his real interest in film, music and audio production. His experience working at radio stations, private production studios and at MaRS Discovery District, has prepared him for this new role. We sat down with Casey to find out what he’s most excited about in the Digital Media Lab.

Q: So, what brought you to Launchpad?

A: Firstly, I wanted to be a part of this extremely collaborative environment that we have at Launchpad. I think it’s fantastic. But most importantly, I wanted to be able to support the next generation of young creative people. I’m excited about building a new, interesting and innovative space that will actually reflect the changing ways that people do creative work.

Q: What can members look forward to in the Digital Media Lab?

A: What’s really exciting about the Digital Medial Lab is that it will be decked out with professional-level, high-quality equipment that will available to members and the public. No matter your skill set or your focus, you can go in there and learn how the equipment works and create some high quality stuff.

Q: Can you tell us what kind of equipment will be available in the Digital Media Lab?

A: We’re in the final stages of procurement for Digital Media Lab equipment. Everything in that will be absolutely top-of-the-line, professional-grade equipment. Members will be able produce anything they can think of and get a professional-level result that will be competitive on a global scale. From music videos, to social media clips, the sky’s the limit! I wouldn’t be surprised if the next hit record came out of the Digital Media Lab.

Stay tuned for the upcoming opening of Artscape Daniels Launchpad’s Digital Media Lab in April!

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