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Jasmyn Fyffe - Dancer

Jasmyn Fyffe finally comes home to Artscape Weston Common

Jasmyn Fyffe, a Toronto-based dancer, relaxes on her couch in her new two-bedroom live/work space at Artscape Weston Common. Photography by Michael Cooper

For Jasmyn Fyffe, a Toronto-based dancer, moving into Artscape Weston Common is a dream come true. Being part of this emerging community in the heart of Weston-Mt. Dennis will fuel her creativity and allow her to grow as a dancer.

Fyffe is a new tenant of a two-bedroom live/work unit, which she shares with her young son. But getting to the point where they can both have a beautiful and affordable place to live and grow in hasn’t been easy.

“I left my ex-husband six years ago when my son was a toddler,” Fyffe says. “And I couldn’t afford to live on my own with my son, so I moved in with my mom in Scarborough.”

As she was figuring out her living situation, a friend encouraged her to get on the waiting list for Artscape units. She let a year pass by before she came across a Call for Applications to Artscape Weston Common. She took it as a sign and applied.

“I’ve wanted a place to live with my son where I can also work in the same space for so long,” Fyffe says. “And Artscape Weston Common is a dream come true.”

Fyffe says she’s excited to be part of this emerging community and to build some real roots in Weston-Mount Dennis.

“I can’t wait to meet people and start collaborating with everyone,” she says.

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