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Children Constructing A Kit  3

Royal Canadian College of Organists sharing their love of music at Artscape Distillery Studios

Artscape Distillery Studios’ newest tenant, the Royal Canadian College of Organists, is wasting no time in sharing their love of music and this complex musical instrument with the public!

The organization has built a mini-organ made out of blocks of wood that kids can easily take apart and put together again. Intended as an educational tool for young children, the tool is called an OrgelKids organ and has been a huge hit with young audiences at Artscape Distillery Studios.

The OrgelKids organ is a complete instrument, says Executive Director Elizabeth Shannon. It arrives in a box that contains all the parts along with assembly instructions and a complete set of educational materials.

“Kids absolutely love the hands on part – they love taking it apart and putting it together,” Shannon said. “They’re also curious about the functionality and ask: ‘How does it work without electricity?’”

While building the organ, kids learn about the technical aspects of the mechanics of a pipe organ and discover how the sound is created.

“There are 100 parts to these little organs!” Shannon says. “But kids can actually put it together in less than an hour. The kids just jump in and can interact with the instrument.”

And when the organ is built, kids love playing it and making music! When they are done, the kit is disassembled and put back in the box for the next group of children to learn with.

Get your own OrgelKids organ!

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