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Photo Courtesy Of: Andrew Rowat

Sharing Opportunity Available in Artscape Distillery Studios

Artscape Distillery Studios

Case Goods Warehouse, 15 Case Goods Lane, Toronto, ON, M5A 3C4
In Toronto’s Historic Distillery District

A message from the tenant:

I am looking to share my studio with one or two other artists. The space is available now and the length of term is open-ended (though I am not looking for short-term shares). I am a photographer shooting large-format projects.

The studio is located in the Artscape Building in the Distillery on the 4th Floor, facing east. There is a communal sink available just outside the studio. There is a freight elevator. The space you would be using is roughly 12×15.5′ within the larger studio itself. The building is accessible 24/7/365.

Photos of the space can be seen here:
A video tour of the space can be seen here:

You can reach me for inquiries at

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