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Artscape’s Creative Placemaking Lab launches new vision and website

As Artscape continues to grow and take on new and ambitious mandates, the Creative Placemaking Lab team has been working to refresh our brand as an urban innovation lab that partners with private, public and non-profit sectors to build cities that are more playful, participatory, affordable and just.

Using the knowledge and experience that Artscape has acquired over the past thirty years, we’re asking: how can art and creativity build better cities? As part of this exploration, we are looking to engage with clients and partners that want to ask similar questions about the role that arts and culture can play in creating more dynamic and healthy communities.

Our new website offers information on the projects that the Lab is currently engaged with, including Artscape Atelier, the newest model we are testing to enable art and artists play a more integral role in the development of new communities. Our goal with the site is to create greater awareness of the work we do and spark new conversations with other innovators and citybuilders.

Learn more about our vision and work at

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