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Now We Can

Suman Goyal, featured artist at Artscape Weston Common Hallway Gallery

Suman Goyal, an abstract mixed media visual artist and member of the Artscape Weston Common artist community, is one the first to be featured in the Artscape Weston Common Hallway Galleries. The inaugural exhibition “Now, We Can”, opened on May 25 and will run through to August 3.


Mixed media on wood block by artist, Suman Goyal

Suman’s embodied relationship with art has allowed her to explore art as a vehicle for healing and deeper self-understanding. Suman also believes strongly in Artscape’s creative placemaking vision. And for the past year, she has been working with Artscape to share it internationally and was engaged by local developers and landowners in Playa del Carmen, Mexico to create an Artist Village. She also recently debuted a performance piece in Tulum, Mexico.

You can follow Suman on Instagram.  Or, take a tour of the exhibition at Artscape Weston Common.

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