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Nazneen Sheraji Madonna’s Women and Nature Exhibit at Daniels Spectrum explores style and subject matter

Daniels Spectrum Hallway Galleries

Currently on view at the Daniels Spectrum Hallway Galleries until September 27, Nazneen Sheraji Madonna‘s latest exhibition, Women and Nature, displays delightful depictions of maternal energy and natural settings in an impressive showcase of the artist’s multifaceted talent.

Women and Nature showcases 27 artworks of varying styles. (Photo: Natalie Nguyen)

The show features 27 works of art exploring the feminine relationship with the natural world through varying styles: paintings of bold lines and bright colours to soft, feminine shapes. She explores a variety of subject matters, including figurative design landscapes and rural and urban life.

Nazneen is heavily inspired by her family, personal heritage, memories and stories from childhood, and her goal is to be established as a Bengali artist. All the wall texts for the exhibit were translated into Bengalese.

Born in Dhaka, Bangladesh, the artist is a long-time participant and volunteer of ArtHeart at Daniels Spectrum. She has taken part in over 20 group exhibitions in Canada and Bangladesh as a mixed media artist and has a Master of Fine Art degree, granted from the Dhaka University.

Daniels Spectrum Hallway Galleries

(Photo: Natalie Nguyen)

If you’d like a chance to meet Nazneen, a tea party will be held in the Artscape Lounge, in the lobby of Daniels Spectrum, on August 19, 2019 from 4pm – 6pm, with catered snacks by Banglar Saad.

The exhibition and tea party were fully sponsored by the Toronto Artscape Foundation.


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