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The Regent School School of Music Helps Toronto Kids Thrive Through Community Music Education

Artscape Daniels Spectrum Regent Park School of MusicThis year alone, the Regent Park School of Music is set to transform the lives of 1,000 children and youth with music.

The community-based music school removes the financial obstacle of learning how to play an instrument that many families face through a highly subsidized model of music education. Students, through a first-come, first-served model, access over 80 dedicated music teachers, and can study everything from classical piano to turntablism and electronic music.

“Music is such an impactful medium of artistic expression,” affirms Executive Director, Richard Marsella.

“We’ve had graduates who have successful music careers, who go on to study music professionally, and those whose music studies have helped them to achieve academic success unrelated to music entirely.”

Located at Daniels Spectrum, the school provides music education to children and youth of Regent Park, the Jane and Finch neighbourhood, and other high priority areas in Toronto. They are also looking to expand the work they are doing at Wandering Spirit, formerly First Nations School in Toronto.

“Our goal has always been to serve any student who walks through our doors. Each year, we continue to add new classes to accommodate our growing student body,” explains Marsella.

“Our program provides music and social development not just through classes, but through performance and volunteer opportunities, leadership building, scholarship opportunities and more.”

The Regent Park School of Music also produces a podcast about community music, called EVERY LITTLE VOICE, that explores topics in community music education for those looking to create an impact.

This fall, the Regent Park School Of Music has new class offerings in Steel Pan, Choir, Saxophone, Trumpet and more. Registration opens on August 20, 2019 at 10am and is subject to availability.

Visit to register. Call 416-364-8900 for details, or visit the Regent Park School of Music Head Office at 585 Dundas St E, Suite 220 for more information.

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