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No place like home: Koffler Gallery’s Undomesticated explores the domestic realm at Artscape Youngplace

From September 18 to November 17, Koffler Gallery at Artscape Youngplace presents Undomesticated, an exhibition featuring artwork exploring the domestic realm.

Throughout the gallery space, familiar objects, furniture and materials are transformed through each of the 24 participating artists’ work to reveal the psychological, political and emotional layers that shape our sense of home and belonging. The exhibition highlights the human need to transform spaces to fulfill a longing for shelter, security, nourishment, and even our own “well-being”.

Birthe Piontek, Abendlied, 2018. 

From the Koffler Gallery on the first floor of Artscape Youngplace, the exhibition then spills into the hallways and stairwells of the community cultural hub as a way to disrupt the public. Art Director, Nicolas Fleming, utilized building materials like drywall and plaster to stage the artwork in a way that takes on a more aesthetic presentation than their intended purpose in construction.

Lucy Howe, Wardrobe, 2010.

The exhibition provides an immersive experience for the gallery goer and reminds us all that there is no place like home.

The opening reception on Wednesday, September 18 from 7-9pm is free to the public.

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