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Young Carers highlighted in Hidden, a Daniels Spectrum photography exhibit running until September 30

Caregiving is an immense job for adults, let alone children who are required to care for family members who are ill, disabled, experiencing mental illness or addiction. On at Daniels Spectrum Hallway Gallery until September 30, Hidden is a photography exhibition led and inspired by Hospice Toronto’s Young Carers Program to mobilize awareness of Young Carers across Ontario.

Editorial photographer, Max AlexanderMax AlexanderMax Alexander worked on a similarly themed exhibition through the Children’s Society in England and sought to take a localized look at Young Carers with Hidden as a way to support the Hospice Toronto’s initiatives.

The Young Carers Program, for instance, provides therapeutic and recreational programming to help children and youth with caregiving responsibilities cope, while interacting with other young people with similar experiences.

“In this exhibition, I chose to portray these Young Carers as children and young people, which is what they should be. I wanted to show them as determined and resolute individuals, but vulnerable too. Their hidden stories then reveal themselves in their words,” explained Max Alexander.

Triumph, strength, aspirations, hope are at the heart of each child’s portrait, each youth’s story. The resiliency of Young Carers is the focal point of the photographic exhibition, while bringing light to the issue in a way that can bring much needed support to their families in need.

You can view the photography exhibition on the second floor until September 30, 2019.

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