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Propeller Gallery

Reality Vanishing in Plain Sight: A Curated Show of Altered Images at Propeller Gallery

In its rise to prominence as an artistic medium, photography was seen as factual documents – a record of the decisive moment where the photographer captured the image. Over the years, particularly with the proliferation of digital photography and the accessibility of post-production tools and technology, we, the viewers, trust the photograph less and less as truth.

Image manipulation has been a part of photography’s history and these artistic approaches to the “altered image” is the subject of a new Propeller Art Gallery exhibition, running from October 2-20, 2019 at its location at Artscape Triangle Lofts.

Reality Vanishing in Plain Sight; A Curated Show of Altered Images, curated by Peter Friedrichsen, Tom Taylor and Jack Wayne, reveals an exhibition of images that contain photographic content that have been transformed by an artist to reveal rich artistic meaning. Reality has been artfully transformed into understanding.

Kaleidoscope Of Lives Once Lived, David Brandy (February 2015, Archival Pigment Print, 28″h x 42″w)

The techniques vary among the 24 artists and their images on display, but all works transgress the boundaries of photographic arts. Daniela Tiger, one of the exhibiting artists, used cotton as a medium of presentation providing the capacity for surface transformation and ultimately a warm and appealing image. Valerie Ashton, another exhibiting artist, incorporated found objects such as cardboard, as media of presentation, connecting the image with the environment and making a political statement.

A special meet the artist event, happening on Sunday, October 20 from 2pm – 5pm can provide insight into the multitude of approaches and art. For more information, please visit

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