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Alchemy 2020 artist residency explores art, cooking and community on the Toronto Islands

Artists with an interest in food are invited to apply for Alchemy Island 2020, a programmed artist residency at Artscape Gibraltar Point, happening on April 20-27, 2020. Artists working in a variety of mediums ranging from visual arts, sculpture, photography, craft, food, performance art, writing and video, will gather to probe the intersection of food and art in a community setting.

Alchemy is an international artist-led residency devoted to exploring the synergy between artistic practice and the cooking and sharing of food in community setting. Alchemy Island 2020 will be facilitated by Claire M Tallarico, a visual artist, chef and urban gardener whose practice explores how the everyday activities of art making and food sharing, can make a difference in our communities; and Tonia Di Risio, a visual artist whose work has developed through ongoing investigations of the growing, making, preserving, celebrating, and sharing of food.

Folks gathering for ProvisionsTO, a community meal in the Artscape Gibraltar Point garden. (Photos: Brilynn Ferguson)

Artscape Gibraltar Point, located on the southwestern-most tip of Toronto’s Ward Island, is surrounded by 46 acres of parkland and beachfront. The cultural hub also hosts gardens, providing an ideal location for artists interested in exploring the concept of sustenance.

“The garden for me was a place to pull fresh ideas out of the ether, but also to pick some organic greens for my lunch,” attested Stephanie Dudley, an artist and past Alchemy participant at Artscape Gibraltar Point. “How spiritual, creative, and earth-bound is that? I spent my days on a picnic bench by the garden, or in a studio overlooking it, and the rest of my hours in the kitchen. The hard work, energy and love that goes into this garden’s upkeep is apparent, and I’m grateful for whatever time I can spend there.”

At the artist residency, participants will share their work and practices while also contributing culinary creativity to lively salon-style communal discussions and dinners. Guest artists, chefs and makers will also be invited to discuss the magic and inspiration created by making and sharing art and food.

It will be an inspiring week for foodies and artists, alike.

For more information about the artist residency, including how to apply, read our call for applications. The deadline to apply is December 2, 2019.

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