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DesignTO At AYP

DesignTO presents mixed media installation, Can’t Say Nothing by Janina Anderson at Artscape Youngplace

From January 17 to 31, stop by Artscape Youngplace on your DesignTO tour of Toronto for Can’t Say Nothing, a mixed media installation drawing from textile art, collage, painting, graphic design and sculpture, from artist Janina Anderson.

Artscape Youngplace DesignTO Can't Say Nothing

Using Lorem Ipsum text and the Photoshop background, ‘Can’t Say Nothing’ turns signifiers of blankness into overlapping patterns, which are printed, mounted and stitched together.
The installation investigates the way systems of language, symbols and design affect meaning, and wonders: if even the expression of absence is so heavily coded, is it possible to express oneself without external mediation, and to what extent is it possible to truly “say nothing” at all?

Artscape Youngplace DesignTO Can't Say Nothing


Born in Asuncion Paraguay, Janina Anderson is an artist, writer, and educator living and working in Montréal. Anderson uses collage methodologies to explore how images function, stating her work is essentially about “looking really hard.”

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