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Artscape explores new development opportunities for affordable artist housing

Artscape has hit the ground running in 2020 on advancing Artscape 5.0 Strategic Plan goals, with a focus on serving more people and communities. In 2019, we welcomed 109 artist-led families into new affordable rental units. We are committed to building on that momentum and are working on new development opportunities across the city.

Artscape Toronto Affordable Rental Housing Units

A rendering of the proposed development in Toronto’s North Junction area.

Recently, we embarked on a partnership to explore the creation of 37 affordable rental housing units for artists and artist-led families in the north Junction area of Toronto.  We are pleased to be working hand in hand with local developer, Carlyle Communities to secure funding to make this project happen.

Naram Mansour Carlyle Communities President

“Carlyle Communities is excited to be working with Artscape as they work to create a new vibrant mixed-use community and artist-centred development incorporating affordable rental units and artist-focused amenities,” said Naram Mansour, President of Carlyle Communities.

This is Artscape’s second venture outside the city’s core working in collaboration with Councillor Frances Nunziata, who was also instrumental in championing our Artscape Weston Common project, which began serving the Weston-Mount Dennis community last June.

Stay tuned for more as this project unfolds!

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