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PIECE OF MINE Arts presents Black Women in Theatre at Artscape Weston Common – February 6-8

After several successful renditions of Black Men in Theatre, PIECE OF MINE Arts presents Black Women in Theatre, at Artscape Weston Common’s Rockport Hall, from February 6-8, 2020.

The concept of Black Women in Theatre has been in demand by artists who follow PIECE OF MINE Arts for a number of years. The opportunities that nurture Black women’s stories have shrunk in the city with the void of b current’s rock.paper.sistahz festival spearheaded by ahdri zhina mandiela and the AfriCanadian Playwright’s Festival founded by Djanet Sears. Black Women in Theatre will be a resurgence for professional artists, who identify as Black women, to have the freedom to flesh out work, receive dramaturgical support, and connect with an audience hungry for their stories.


Artscape Weston Common Piece of Mine Arts Black Women in Theatre
Featured artists left to right: Anne Marie Woods aka Amani, Anyika Mark, Dian Marie Bridge, Korinn Annette Jefferies, Nicole Morgan, Paulina Anthony-O’Kieffe, and Natassia Parson-Morris. (Source: Piece of Mine Arts)

Black Women in Theatre features both local Toronto talent, and visiting American talent from DC and North Carolina.


On Thursday February 6, 2020 at 7:30pm, Black Women in Theatre will feature readings by two notable artists;  Korinn Annette Jefferies will read the water, a story about the beach, a tale of white sand and Black bodies, of lineage, and community.

Nicole Morgan will read Out of the Mouths of Boys, a conversation piece designed to engage audiences on the topic of where male sexual abuse survivors fit into the #metoo movement. T

On both Friday February 7 and Saturday February 8, 2020 at 7:30 pm, Black Women in Theatre will feature excerpts by Anne Marie Woods, Anyika Mark, Dian Marie Bridge, Paulina O’Kieffe-Anthony, and Natassia Morris-Parson.

Why Black Women Whisper, by Anne-Marie Woods aka Amani, is a poetic piece, performed entirely in spoken word, about five Black women from different generations who struggle with life, love and their identity.

Making Moves, by Anyika Mark,  delivers a day in the life of young, Black people in Toronto’s West-end. Drawing inspiration from Trey Anthony’s Da Kink in My Hair and Spike Lee’s Do the Right Thing, Making Moves stands as an embodied emotional response to the playwright’s lived experience as a young Black Canadian.

Crossing Into Lullaby, by Dian Marie Bridge, uses the true-to-life story of a mysterious childhood sickness to look into the desperation that can come with parenthood, and how knowledge of the closeness to which we live with death impacts our lives.

How Jab Jab Saved the Pretty Mas will be performed by Paulina O’Kieffe-Anthony and Natassia Parson-Morris. It tells the story of best friends Iesha and Giselle as they prepare to play mas in the Grand Parade during The annual Toronto Caribbean Carnival festivities.

Attend one or both showcases by purchasing your tickets here or at the door.

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