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Artscape gradual reopening: COVID-19 FAQ for Visitors

When will Artscape hubs be open to the public again?

Artscape is applying a phased approach to reopening. Our facilities will offer limited access to tenants, owners and their visitors for the rest of the summer. We anticipate returning to full operations in September, but of course these dates may change, depending on updates and directives from government and health officials.

How will Artscape keep me safe and physical distancing while I’m in the hubs?

Artscape has arranged hand sanitizer throughout the space and is requiring all tenants,owners and their visitors wear a mask within common areas. We are also practicing physical distancing in numerous ways including ensuring proper spacing in queues through the use of floor decals and removing all furniture from common areas. Artscape will also be increasing the frequency of cleaning and sanitization, particularly of high-touch areas.

What are the hub’s physical distancing requirements?

Artscape is ensuring community safety by encouraging physical distancing of at least 2 metres or 6 feet from other people in the following ways:

  • Placing signage on the floors and walls
  • Limiting number of people in closed spaces such as elevators
  • Limiting available urinals and bathroom stalls
  • Encouraging walking traffic patterns with dedicated entrances and exits and one-way hallways and stairwells
  • Furniture has been removed from all common areas

Are masks required while I’m in the hubs?

Face masks are required to be worn in all common areas within each facility. Masks have been shown to be an effective tool in preventing the spread of the virus, if worn correctly.

Is Artscape providing hand sanitizer and PPE for the public to use while in the hubs?

Artscape will provide hand sanitizer for the community cultural hubs and health screening will be required for all employees, tenants, owners and visitors on entry. Please bring your own PPE, including your mandatory face mask.

What is Artscape doing to keep the buildings clean?

Artscape is taking the following steps to ensure we are meeting cleaning and disinfecting protocols:

  • Increasing the frequency of common area cleaning
  • Increasing the use of disinfectants
  • Increasing waste disposal, especially for bins that have masks, gloves and material that could be contaminated with COVID
  • Posting visible bathroom logs tracking cleaning frequency
  • Providing bio-hazard bins for disposable mask and gloves at wellness stations
  • Posting signage about hand washing protocols
  • Training frontline staff in protocols to ensure effective cleaning of high touch surfaces

Will Artscape monitor the temperature and check for symptoms for each visitor to the hub?

Artscape is requiring all visitors, tenants and owners of our community cultural hubs to complete a health screening form at: Any tenant, owner or guest wishing to visit an Artscape facility is required to fill out this form upon entering the building to comply with Toronto Public Health COVID-19 prevention measures. The visitor may complete the form using their mobile device, or an Artscape provided tablet monitored by Artscape staff, when available. Artscape will make paper forms available if required.

  • If visitors complete the form and answer NO to all of the questions, entry will be permitted.
  • If a visitor answers YES to any of the screening questions, entry will not be granted. Please follow the instructions on the results screen or from the staff, and contact Telehealth at 1-866-797-0000 for further guidance.

The completed visitor forms will go to a confidential, secure email address monitored by our People and Culture team. Artscape is required to keep the forms to comply with Toronto Public Health’s COVID-19 contact tracing requirements for 90 days, at which time they will be deleted.

If there is a need to fill out a paper form, the form will be put in a sealed ballot box and taken once a week to P&C. They will be kept in a confidential locked filing cabinet. After 90 days, those forms will be shredded.

After hours, tenants and owners will facilitate the heath screening for the visitors using their mobile device. Paper forms will be available on a clipboard at the wellness stations. Tenants and their visitors are responsible for filling them out and placing them in the ballot box.

Who should I notify if I am experiencing COVID-19 symptoms and recently visited one of your hubs?

Tenants, owners or visitors experiencing COVID-19 symptoms must immediately report this to the Artscape hub manager or to the Artscape tenant/owner they visited, and self-quarantine for a period of 14 days or until symptoms have cleared.

Artscape will notify public health officials and all other tenants/owners immediately of Artscape’s recommended action and a deep cleaning of the building will be conducted. A full building quarantine may also be required during this period.

All sensitive information will remain confidential. Artscape will protect the identity of the person and only provide it to Toronto Public Health if requested by them for contact tracing.

How frequently are high-touch surfaces being cleaned?

Cleaning and disinfecting are two separate tasks. Cleaning is the process of removing dirt and impurities, including germs, from surfaces. But cleaning does not kill viruses. Cleaning only moves them from surfaces. Disinfecting does not clean dirty surfaces, but it does kill viruses on surfaces. At a minimum, Artscape will comply with the following Public Health recommendation:

  • Frequently touched surfaces be cleaned and disinfected at least twice per day, and when dirt is visible.
  • High touch surfaces or surfaces that are touched by multiple different people to be cleaned and disinfected more frequently throughout the day.

Artscape is taking the following additional steps to ensure we are meeting, if not exceeding, cleaning and disinfecting protocols:

  • Increasing the frequency of common area cleaning
  • Increasing the use of disinfectants on high touch surfaces
  • Posting visible bathroom logs tracking cleaning frequency
  • Providing bio-hazard bins for disposable mask and gloves at wellness stations
  • Posting signage reinforcing hand washing protocols

Are events still cancelled in the hubs?

Artscape Performance and Event Venues began reopening in a limited capacity on August 1, 2020 with plans to return to full operations in late 2020 or early 2021. Public gatherings with a maximum of 50 people are currently allowed by the City of Toronto, while any gatherings or events larger than 50 people are strictly prohibited. To accommodate these restrictions, we have created a safer space in our various sized and reconfigurable venues for hybrid events; combining small local gatherings with live-streams, staff gatherings, office overflow space, multi-day events, and multi-venue events. For example:

  • Ada Slaight Hall and Sugar Hall can be configured as 3 smaller venues, each with its own entrances and exits, lighting, sound and video capabilities at Artscape Daniels Launchpad.
  • Ada Slaight Hall, Sugar Hall and Artscape Wychwood Barns can support larger gatherings with physical distancing between attendees.
  • Artscape Gibraltar Point, Daniels Spectrum and Artscape Wychwood Barns have outdoor space available.

During allowed gatherings, health and safety will be prioritized including ensuring physical distancing and cleaning and sanitization of public spaces.

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