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The 25 Hour Day with ColinResponse on how creatives can achieve personal & financial success during COVID-19

ColinResponseColinResponse Launchpad Learning Online Facilitator is the global ambassador for the luxury spirit brand Moët-Hennessy, an international award-winning pop-soul recording artist, and the founder of The 25 Hour Day, a company that teaches creative entrepreneurs how to master the strategic skills and personal productivity habits necessary for them to rapidly grow creative businesses.

During the COVID-19 closure of Artscape Daniels Launchpad, The 25 Hour Day developed a Launchpad Learning Online series teaching creatives how to continue the development of their businesses despite the limitations of the COVID-19 lockdown, and even more importantly, how with the right strategy, they can actually improve their own mental health in the process of doing so.

“Launchpad is a home to some very passionate folks who are truly going to have a tremendous impact on the world,” explains Colin about his experience facilitating The 25 Hour Day’s daily programming. “And the fact that I get to be even a small part of helping these brilliant and creative entrepreneurs execute their mission is truly a blessing to me.”

As many creatives struggled with the impacts of COVID-19, including loss of income, cancelled gigs and performances and even food insecurity, Colin’s program saw participants attending faithfully every day. If you ask the Launchpad Learning participants to explain it, they would say, “It’s more of an experience than anything,”; “life-changing,” and “transformative” would also be words used to describe The 25 Hour Day Experience. And with Artscape Daniels Launchpad open once again, participants are still attending daily to get Colin’s wisdom.

One example of how Colin works with individual creatives includes his story of Daniel Janetos , a past participant of The 25 Hour Day program.

“Daniel is a serial entrepreneur, an investor and a marathon chef. He’s been featured on Top Chef, The Marilyn Denis Show and The Discovery Channel. However, When I met Daniel, he was depressed, struggling with low self-esteem, and he had two of his restaurants on the cusp of bankruptcy due to COVID-19,” explains Colin.

“I walked him through a step-by-step process of applying cognitive restructuring practices to strategize and structure his next steps in his business. Now, I’m sure most people would consider raising $250,000 in capital for real estate investing would seem like an audacious goal…even if we weren’t in the middle of a global pandemic. However, as I continued to work with him over the next few weeks, I noticed Daniel’s confidence develop as he continued to apply the strategies he was learning.  As each week passed, I watched his personal progress directly mirror the growth he was experiencing in his business. In less than 60 days, Daniel surpassed his goal of $250,000 by $30,000—successfully raising over $270,000 in capital.”

For Colin, the secrets to success are being able to strategically and efficiently execute your vision and the ability to to navigate the psychological pressures and challenges in building your creative business.

“The truth is most creatives actually demonstrate an incredible ability to conceptualize brilliant new ideas that could make them a living, but, seldom are they as well equipped with the strategic skills or knowledge that are necessary for them to actually execute those ideas as smoothly as they envision them,” explains Colin.

“I teach creative people who have an extraordinary vision for their lives, how to take their brilliant ideas, and turn them into real things that other people can touch, see and most importantly…pay for.  And, in the process of doing that I empower them with the skills they need to overcome the psychological challenges they will inevitably encounter as a result of making more money, leading large teams, and achieving higher levels of success in their business(es).”

If you’d like to develop these skills, attend an upcoming 15: Minute Mind session, happening daily until the end of August through Launchpad Learning Online. See What’s On to register.

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