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Sid Singh Bench Detail

Jeremy Joo, furniture maker and founder of JDH Projects, makes use of Launchpad’s Woodworking Studio

(Photo: Liam MacRae)

Since Artscape Daniels Launchpad reopened, many members have been appreciating the reconfigured Creative Studios, particularly the Woodworking Studio which has been expanded to include four workstations for constructing larger structures. One such member, Jeremy Joo, a furniture maker and founder of JDH Projects, frequents the space.

“My first foray into the furniture world started when I apprenticed under a master artisan from Milan who was willing to teach me here, although my interest in it started much earlier,” recalls Jeremy Joo.

“My master is Diego Valotti, a furniture conservator and restorer, whose work and clients would drop most people’s jaws. He taught me everything I know about restoration, and now he’s an uncle to me. When it comes to furniture design, I’m self-taught.”

Jeremy Joo launched his company, JDH Projects in 2018, designing gorgeous and practical wood furniture with the design philosophy that states:

In a world full of falsehood and pretention, there must be a change in how things are made and enjoyed. There is no enjoyment in an object poorly made, or a ceremony improperly practiced, or a moment wastefully experienced. Objects and works meant to be used must be made with the end practicality and enjoyment in mind, and not the frivolity and meaninglessness of much that is currently available.

Inspired by Korean characters, his 2019 Stool Collection is designed around the cube and features eight different stools that can be combined or used individually as a stool, table or bench.

Jeremy Joo JDH Projects Artscape Daniels Launchpad Member

Jeremy Joo’s 2019 stool collection can be combined or used individually. 

His reading bench, designed in 2018, encourages sitters to linger as they read, drink their latte, or write in their notebooks. It was first commissioned for Hamilton coffee shop and book store, Synonym.

Jeremy Joo JDH Projects Artscape Daniels Launchpad Member

Jeremy Joo’s reading bench from 2018 encourages more than sitting. 

“My design philosophy is the yardstick that keeps me straight, measures my steps, and whips me into shape when necessary. It’s also flexible and gives me agency over adapting and renewing my takes on things,” he explains.

Working with the wood, Jeremy is inspired by how quickly the material responds when he works with it in the studio, even though it grows slowly in nature.

Jeremy Joo JDH Projects Artscape Daniels Launchpad Member

Jeremy Joo’s designs like this bookshelf, featured here at Synonym, a coffee shop and bookstore. (Photo: Sid Singh) 

“It is a humble building material that listens and disobeys on its own accord,” He explains.  “I cannot make it do what it doesn’t want to do, and it teaches me to respect what is primarily given.”

In the Woodworking Studio, Jeremy Joo can be found as often as possible and he appreciates the community and Studio Technicians like Alex Wimbush who generously support him on his projects.

Follow JDH Projects on Instagram.

If you are a woodworker, furniture maker or just hoping to work on a larger structure, check out the newly arranged Woodworking Studio the next time you are at Artscape Daniels Launchpad!

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