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An exciting opportunity to pitch the CBC Creator Network

The CBC Creator Network is accepting pitches for stories, formats and series that address an audience aged 18-24. They’re looking for explainers, profiles or series where you have a strong correspondent or host in mind that speak specifically to one or more of the following four content areas: 

Surviving Student Life 

This lane deals with the experience of being a student in a post-Covid world. This can range from choosing online classes and how to deal with them, deciding what to major in or which school to attend, starting a new student society, to how to begin to “adult” upon graduation. You’ll get explainers about things like about frosh week, student funding and what professions might be in demand when you’ve graduated. 

  • Pitch Example: Explainers on college vs. university, how to decide whether grad school is the right option and what student activism looks like in a post-Covid world.

Start Up 

This lane covers innovation and entrepreneurship, from forming a startup, nonprofit or social enterprise to managing your side hustle to surviving in a gig economy. You’ll also meet people who have found success in a post-Covid landscape.

  • Pitch Example: An entrepreneur takes us through the first weeks of starting their business; an explainer teaches you about funding options (and how to apply for them) for your startup.

Owning our Identity  

This lane covers stories about issues of race, gender, sexuality, body image – all of the plural elements that make up our identity. Whether it’s an artist tackling their identity in paint or a vlogger who’s investigating how we think about who we are, this lane will encompass personal and social issues.

  • Pitch Example: Sabrina Cruz, in her “Answer in Progress” series, explains how common everyday practices say a lot about who we are – and how we think about ourselves. For instance, mannequins have taught us a ton about body image, even when we didn’t see it happening.

Changing the System 

This lane includes profiles of the bravest and most innovative changemakers who have identified a problem in the system and figured out a unique approach to tear it down, while it also shows you how you can get on the path to doing so yourself.

  • Pitch Example: Mohamed Ali, from Ottawa, shows us how four groups of artists across the country, whose galleries, clubs and studios have closed due to Covid, pooled their resources and knowledge to generate funds to fight anti-Black racism. 
  • Pitch Example:  a doc on how the K-pop landscape leveraged their presence on Twitter to fight white supremacy.
  • Pitch Example:  explainers on how to protest the most effectively – and what to do if you get arrested.

CBC Producers

Next Thursday from 1-2pm, attend the Launchpad Learning’s information session. Have a chance to meet CBC producers, Lise Hosein and Rignam Wangkhang (pictured above). Learn about how the Creator Network works, what kinds of content they are looking for, and how to successfully pitch! Register now

Once you are ready with an innovative idea, simply send your pitch to:

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