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Introducing the new Member Wellness Program at Artscape Daniels Launchpad

The challenges of balancing an artists’ creativity and vision with the demands of the marketplace has been amplified by the impacts of the COVID-19 pandemic and its resulting economic downturn. The costs of wellness activities such as physical exercise, counselling, coaching and more are hard to prioritize when you are facing economic stress and when you don’t have extended health benefits. Whats more, Launchpad members face racial and other identity-based oppression and have limited access to safe and resourcing spaces.

At Artscape Daniels Launchpad, we are co-creating a creative community and part of our mandate is to increase the conditions for artists to thrive. After listening to our community, we recognize that in addition to developing their creative practices to prosperity, there is also a need to facilitate a wellness practice to stimulate our member’s creativity and to support their life as a creative entrepreneur.

To respond to this need, Launchpad has developed a Member Wellness program in collaboration with Meghan Yuri Young, Wellness Ambassador, that is an exclusive offering for Launchpad members and Bursary recipients. The program is centered on three core themes of programming:

  1. Physical Wellness and Mindfulness
  2. Mental and Emotional Wellness
  3. Community Growth and Wellness Coaching

Physical Wellness and Mindfulness 

Melissa Doldron, RMT Artscape Daniels Launchpad Member Wellness

Melissa Doldron, RMT, will facilitate the Breathe. Move. Recover. sessions.

Breathe. Move. Recover. 

Every second Thursday at 4pm
Starting August 20

Join us for a unique movement class incorporating yoga, mobility and breath work. Build resilience. Reduce stress. Improve joint health. Bring fluidity to your body so you can perform at your best!

Animal Flow

Every second Wednesday
Starting on September 16

Animal Flow focuses on strength, flexibility and body control. It improves strength, power and body awareness.

Mental and Emotional Wellness 

Safe Talks 


A space to have a safe one-on-one conversation with a registered therapist. Safe Talks is a program for Launchpad members to confidentiality access free sessions to various forms of counselling.

Continuing The Conversation


Continuing The Conversation is a series of conversations led by local artists in Toronto who talk about their incorporation of mental wellness and practices that they use to continue producing and creating. This series will allow you to connect with local talent and hear their stories and knowledge on how to support creative practices with mental wellness. These series of conversations are facilitated by Meghan Yuri Young.

Community Belonging and Wellness Coaching 

Coach Carey facilitator of Artscape Daniels Launchpad Member Mellness program

Coach Carey is kicking off the Wellness Coaching series, talking about personal and professional growth for creatives.

Wellness Coaching 

Starting August 26 with Coach Carey’s Building Confidence from Within

Wellness Coaching is a series of conversations that centre around personal and professional growth as creatives. Launchpad invites leaders in motivation, confidence, energy, healing and awareness to hold space for the community. These leaders will hold conversations to members of Launchpad to help support the thriving artist.

See the What’s On calendar to see what is coming up and register early as space for each session is limited.

If you are not yet a Launchpad member, learn more about our packages which includes every session of our Member Wellness program.

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