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Watch this panel discussion, Artists as City Builders, that explores the artist’s role in shaping public space and cities

For 10 weeks, eight artists gathered in a virtual space to co-design a series of public art works for Zibi – a 34 acre community development project on the border of Ottawa and Gatineau.

The Public Art Co-Design Residency, facilitated by Artscape Atelier and Zibi, immersed these artists in the history, politics, and future vision of the land, collaborating with the site’s Indigenous council, and co-designing with the Zibi team. In the end, a series of public art concepts were developed and three have been selected by a jury for future development. 

On Friday September 18 from 3:30 pm-5 pm, Artscape Atelier and Artscape Daniels Launchpad hosted a panel discussion, Artists as City Builders: Reflecting on the co-design residency at the Zibi development project in Ottawa-Gatineau, featuring seven of the eight participants and Artscape Atelier facilitator and cultural curator, Brendan de Montigny. 

This virtual session, was moderated by Ottawa-based artist, Marisa Gallemit, reflecedt on the co-design process between artists and urban developers, the role of the artist in shaping public space and cities, and the nature of the creative process in the digital realm.  

If you are curious about expanding your art practice into public art, don’t miss out on the valuable insights gained from each of the artists: Mélodie Coutou, John Felice Ceprano, Remco Volmer, Ryan Stec, Nate Nettleton, Noah Scheinman and Dominic Lafontaine. Watch the full panel recording now: 

Do you want to get first notice and consideration for future public art paid opportunities and commissions? Make sure to join the Artscape Atelier Network, with a link to your website or portfolio. We’re looking for installation artists, sculptors, digital artists, multimedia artists, muralists, performance artists, participatory and social practice!


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