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2020 RBC Music Entrepreneurship Program (1)

2 Spotify Playlists You Need In December

When December rolls into town, that means — countdowns and wrap-ups as well as new beginnings. On the good or bad days, music can comfort our restless mind and lift the spirit of others.

Check out these two Spotify playlists, a collection of original songs by the participants of the 2020 RBC Launchpad Music Entrepreneurship Program. From dreamy vocals to 90s bop, you’ll love features from Joyia, Native Other, Adria Kain, Nicemark, Maya Killtron, Antos, Domanique Grant, Quincy Black. 

Being apart of the RBC entrepreneurship program has been so rewarding and informative. There seems to be a lot of places to learn music but how to sell it, has always been a mystery,” Quincy Black shared, “I am very thankful I am apart of this program. I have met other talented individuals that I have been able to collaborate with and have learned how to structure my future releases. These days, I am definitely more optimist in succeeding as an artist.” 

We are proud of all their growth and it shows through their new songs on this playlist!

Press HERE to play!


Next is a holiday playlist with 36 songs curated by DJ Gimmemar. As a DJ, Singer, Songwriter, producer and 2020 RBC Launchpad Entrepreneurship Program Participant, she creates a fusion of  R&B, soul, jazz, hip hop and electronic songs, creating a whimsical feeling.

These aren’t your mainstream Christmas carols, get ready to jam with these jingles and prepare some hot chocolate to set the mood!

Press HERE to play!


As Robert Tew quote goes, “The struggle you’re in today is developing the strength you need for tomorrow. Don’t give up.” With these two playlists let’s end the year on a high note and ring in a new perspective for 2021. 

Written by Rachel Deng

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