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Meet the 18 artists whose work is currently being displayed at The Space Market

THE SPACE MARKET is month-long collaboration with MakeRoom Inc. x stackt market x Artscape Daniels Launchpad.

The limited-run exhibit is a collection of dynamic art and videos submitted by 18 local artists, projected on the walls of Stackt’s beautiful North Hall from now until March 31.

Meet the 18 artists, and see what they have going on!

Marco Morelli

Born in 1992, Marco Morelli from the University of Turin in Cinema and Media, has explored the fields of visual arts, cinema, videomaking, graphics, photography. He is currently teaching film and graphics in Turin. He is a multidisciplinary artist characterized by a minimalist and synthetic approach that is reflected in the message inherent in his woek.

Winner of the “DAMS” award held during the SEEYOUSOUND 2018 festival.

What’s On: Short film: RAGÙ

Babette Burrell

Babette Burrell is a multi/inter-disciplinary artist from Toronto. Her work is built on 20+ years of experience in a variety of creative and technical disciplines.

All of her work is a critical reminder to the world and those that come after, that she exists. Her existence is not only essential but pertinent to the existence of humanity. The space she holds will take on a whole new shape that must remember what it held before. The art she has created is that reminder. Until her last breath, she is a part of the whole.

What’s On: present/ce is an audio|visual project that revisits the many intricate processes of manifestation during difficult and transitory times. The project is a series of videos documenting methods that have worked towards the manifestations of the artist’s present/ce, using past journal entries and voice recordings alongside stock and original video.

Kathlyn Rose Gardiner

Kathlyn Rose Gardiner is a Filipina Producer/Director from Brampton, Ontario. As a second-gen immigrant, she developed a curious point of view on Canadian life; understanding the superficial barriers that interrupt deep and meaningful connections. In her eyes, these rifts in culture and language are just a small part of our universal story, to be understood as to understand – deeply, intimately, and sincerely.

Her work is rooted in realigning people’s primal connection to one another, their communities, and most importantly their truest selves.

What’s On: AVOIR is a surrealist fashion film that immerses you into the psyche of a person in a moment of suspension between two extremes, pain and joy. This visual poem evokes the feeling of never-ending limbo as she guides us through her world.


B1GJuice is an award-winning producer and multimedia artist. After spending his first decade in Toronto, B1GJuice moved out to the Brampton suburbs where his passion for music was reignited after a diagnosis of Hypertrophic Cardiomyopathy of the Left ventricle in 2012. It was his love for music and the ability to express his emotions/feelings that drove him to live again.

Blessed with a son in 2016, B1GJuice is motivated and continues to create music to uplift those that have been brought down by the harsh realities of life taking his personal pain land turning it into creativity. He commands an audience with not only a sinister voice but a skill fluid enough to lay vocals over any beat thrown at him. As a professional musical and visual artist, B1GJuice has been creating, releasing, and presenting work publicly since 2017.

What’s On: “Why” centers around themes of overcoming adversity, establishing mental equanimity and emotional wellbeing; and his brand follows the “overcoming the monster within” story archetype. In embracing his marginalized and racialized identity as a Black male, the artist contextualizes this theme of adversity appropriately.

Jeegar Thakker

Jeegar Thakker is a content creator in Toronto who has been looking to find new and unique ways to present a story, first through music and narrative, and more recently through projection in a gallery setting.

What’s On: INTENTION is a monologue presented by an actor, which is skewed by different lights, colors, and textures to reflect on the skew of someone’s intentions with their words.


Jessica Hanzelkova, Artist, Performer & Co-director 

Jessica Hanzelkova is an interdisciplinary artist and occasional dancer that dabbles in mask making, sensory design, and architecture. Through the lenses of her own racialized and gendered identity as a multiracial cis-woman, she uses her work to poke at the performativity of- and expectations placed on- her body in public space.

Tied to the intensely social history of transformation and ritual, her performances often combine sensory interfaces, repetitive movements and urban space as she looks to construct her own sense of the embodied and the sacred in the tumultuous 21st century.

Vincent Min, Videographer & Co-director 

Vincent Min is an interdisciplinary artist who is interested in the interaction of human and machines. As a Co-Director of F_RMlab, an emerging group dedicated to designing pop-up spaces, he has combined the use of projections, lights, and sensors to create large-scale urban interventions.

Currently he is plugging away at this architecture master’s thesis, which investigates the systems for high agency residential architecture.

What’s On: Whitewash is a performance art piece that ties body memory and identification to urban ‘public’ space. Set within the pandemic-city, a series of eight movements carry the masked performer as she bifurcates between recollection of past memories and dreaming in her present body.

The name Whitewash is a play on the performer’s own experience as a multiracial woman and is reflected in the cycles of movement she undergoes.

Zahra Siddiqui

Toronto based photographer and mixed media artist Zahra Siddiqui picked up the camera 10 years ago. Her archive of portraits, captured throughout her travels and community engagement, have been focused
on celebrating the faces of Black, Indigenous and People of Colour … those who live along the margins of society.

What’s On: The Invisible Majority is a series meant to speak on the consciousness and civilization of our society. It’s meant to honour the existence of people of colour, those who live along the margins of this world and those who lack visibility and representation.

She hopes these portraits will impact and force future generations to ask “Why did she only photograph people of colour? What was happening for her to focus on these groups of people? Why does she call them The Invisible Majority?”.

Hady Ashraf

Hady Ashraf is a visual artist on a mission to portraying oneness.

What’s On: The project was produced by UNITY, a streetwear brand, found in Cairo, Egypt. The project sheds a light on the motor-head adrenaline junkies of Cairo while addressing the effects of subliminal messaging in shaping those who are venerable to suggestion.


Amanda Pye

Amanda Pye is a movement artist, choreographer, and actor currently based in Toronto. She has collaborated with a wide range of creators including Mikaela Demers, Aeris Körper, I/O Movement, Sarah Koekkoek, Candice Irwin, Jasmyn Fyffe, Alias Dance Project, Frog in Hand, and Shotgun Juliet Theatre Company.

Throughout the past year, Amanda has become more interested in how she can translate her movement and actions through film and was recently accepted as a bursary recipient for the Digital Media Lab stream at Artscape Daniels Launchpad.

What’s On: 14 – movement film explores how our technologies kept us company as things started to close around us. “The current relationship I had with my phone started to turn into something new. This device helped me dive into the feeling of randomness, and as I followed the impulses I started to discover different versions of myself. This current version is extremely interested in filming movement, developing skills to edit and document the movement, and sharing these little snippets. These are a few of those snippets.”

Shira Yavor, Brandon Latcham and Rashmi Baird

This project is the first collaboration of Shira Yavor, Brandon Latcham and Rashmi Baird. Their shared interest in nature, sentimental objects and re-purposing found items led them to want to create new work together.

Through Shira’s past work, she has explored the human experience in relationship with nature and technology. Her practice, which developed from fashion and textile art has evolved to incorporate additional techniques such as 3D printing, media and bio art.

Brandon is an interdisciplinary artist and photographer. His practice gravitates to designing set and sculptural story worlds for his photos. He is interested in the process of collecting, the impermanence of objects, natural history and folklore related to nature.

Rashmi Baird is an interdisciplinary artist specializing in printmaking and sculpture. She works with textiles, found objects, and natural elements to create her sculptures. Rashmi uses her experience of travel, both inner and worldly to weave stories throughout her work.

What’s On: Le Plus Habité is a short stop-motion film that questions and transfigures the contemporary system of the living room. “Le Plus Habité” is a term coined by architect Augustin-Charles d’Aviler in the 17th century to describe rooms that were meant to be the most lived in, to differentiate them from display rooms. In this piece, the term gains a new meaning, as the viewers are pushed to question the purpose of the space and its livability.

Kaya Joan

Kaya Joan is a multi-disciplinary Afro (Jamaican/ Vincentian)-Indigenous (Kanien’kehá:ka with relations from Kahnawá:ke) artist living in T’karonto (Dish with One Spoon treaty territory). Kaya’s work focuses on healing, transcending linear notions of time, blood memory and decolonial aesthetics rooted in imagery from the lands of their ancestors (Turtle Island and the Caribbean). Afro and Indigenous futurity and pedagogy are also centred in Kaya’s practice-working through buried truths to explore how creation can heal 7 generations into the past and future.

Kaya has been working in community arts for 6 years as a facilitator and artist. They are a core member of Weave and Mend, an Indigenous femme/non binary collective.

What’s On: Part Three is an exploration of a dreamscape world that exists parallel to our own. A being enters this world after a nuclear apocalypse sends them into a transformative recluse state underground. They seem to be the only human form in this dreamscape, and have little recollection of their past life. They bond with a fox (otsíhkwes), and the two navigate this world of spirits together.

Part Three speaks to rituals around grieving, the medicine of dreams, and blood memory.

Sean Leon

Sean Leon is undeniable. He continues to excel into every next chapter of his career not only as a musician and songwriter but as a visionary and leader across the arts. From music to TV and Film, he sustains a work ethic fuelled with vitality. Leon’s creative approach is memorable and distinctive— his collaborative efforts always embody his artistic spirit. Leon’s 2019 ended his chapter as a local Toronto artist and launched into what would become a year of working side by side with renowned global artists such as Brandy, Pharrel Williams, and Kanye West.

What’s On: Guillotine – The lesson’s in balance and the perils of having none.

Adrian Dénommé

Adrian Dénommé is a multidisciplinary visual artist, based in Toronto, ON.

Specializing in fine art photography and contemporary installations, his work draws inspiration from elements of urbanism and the tension between the natural and built worlds. This is contextualized through people, weather, music, food, design and the balance we strive for within our relationship to city life.

Adrian’s work has been commissioned by Startup to Fortune 500 companies across North America, has exhibited in Canada and the United States, and has been featured in publications and online hubs in London, New York, Toronto and Vancouver.

What’s On: Using both the abstract and representational, Ciammella, explores notions of intergenerational knowledge transfer, division of labour, isolation and mental health amongst elderly populations. The viewer can observe a Nonna (Italian grandmother) going through the process of making Ciammella – a type of bread from the region of Frosinone, Italy – which now appear in households at a declining rate.

Yen Linh Thai

Yen Linh Thai is a multidisciplinary artist, muralist and illustrator based in Mississauga. Her work explores the whimsical and is largely inspired by stories and storytelling. She strives to make art that exists between two and three dimensions.

What’s On: A first foray into stop motion animation, created during her time as a resident at Spark Box Studios summer of 2017, A Long Long Time Ago is a playful papercut projection influenced by traditional Chinese shadow puppetry.

This animation is based on an improvised rhyming verse her mother used to recite to her when she was younger. She learned it from her friends and elders in Saigon, Vietnam. This is a variation of a common wordplay that is passed on from generation to generation, similar to the way children’s playground songs are learned.

Pascaline Le Bras

After over 20 years growing up in the countryside of France near Paris, Pasky’s interest in photography began to flourish when she moved to Canada in 2011. Having spent only a few months in this new country she now calls home, she purchased her first professional camera and started to capture images while exploring the city of Toronto. Nature and travel then became her first source of inspiration throughout the many different countries she visited. She later developed an interest for photojournalism embracing the unknown and capturing glimpses of real-life with the intention to remain as authentic as possible.

With a deep connection to music and dance, her craft has evolved over the last few years with a focus on portraiture and performing arts.

Photography as a creative medium has allowed Pasky to share her love for the simple things in life, the infinite beauty of our world and its impactful human interactions.

What’s On: Short film, Toronto Islands, in collaboration with multidisciplinary artist Jaz Fairy J, explores the idea of letting go. Taken in the Toronto Islands, it not only pays tribute to one of the iconic sights of the city but also reminds the audience to simply surrender. Nature and dance are the main sources of inspiration and this performance aimed to allow oneself to access their birthright when their inherent human dignity can be restored.

Yaw Tony

Colour and its connection to humanity is an intimate thing. Yaw Tony’s artistic practice is rooted both in the idea of human value as well as how that idea is refined and re-expressed through colour. Like proverbs and parables, he plays with the obfuscation of truths, weaving duality into his work. Preeminent in his work is the place of storytelling.

In his work, he aims to not simply capture the beauty and freeze it within a frame, but rather to paint ideas and questions. Who am I? Identity. Where am I from? Source. Why am I here? Purpose. What can I do? Potential. Where am I going? Destiny.

These questions are the source of human motivations, actions and they control everything in life, love, self-love, happiness, what you value, what you wear, the vocation you are in, the economies, and the crimes in the world, they control the social driving force of humanity.

How truthfully each of us answers these questions (we are someone else) is a reflection on how close we are to our true deepest selves, rather than to the selves society makes up for us. These are the explorations Yaw’s work aims to lead us through.

What’s On: CO (COLour Odyssey is a compilation of allegories depicting layers of colours amalgamated into tangible forms and unsearchable riches rendered scenes with operatic drama, capturing moments when the natural order changes, a conversation about what is true-self, what is my self-concept, what is my self-value, self-love, self-esteem precolonial and its denouement. Producing with epic compositions destined to please the eyes.

All the motifs, details are all hand-drawn, painted, and digitalised, then transferred into colours to give it forms and life. The embodiment of the project is meticulously designed for each artwork to stand alone and converse to its viewers.

Matila Mougoui

Matila Mougoui is a Canadian visual artist whose art pieces reflect her humble way of communicating with things that reflect her emotions. Her drawings and paintings come from our daily journey with a sense of hope to interpret the world in her own way. Her art is an expression of her freedom with a deep desire for a better world, and it also shows her happiness and sadness as she observe life’s dualities.

Her main goal in every art piece is to help people with mental illness, which is the ultimate blessing.

What’s On: Various paintings depicting themes of women’s suffering, mental illness, and dreams & reality.

Richa Narvekar

Richa is a Spatial Designer and Visual Artist that is interested in the connect between Art, Architecture, Urban and Interior Design. She has taught Undergraduate Students of Architecture, leading projects that explored nexuses of Art, Urban Design, Architecture and Sociology and continues to develop an academic inquiry into the Urban struggle of Space v/s Place. Her art practice is multidisciplinary, working with physical models as much as with digital media, photographs and video.

Richa is primarily interested in artworks that ask questions. Questions about how Art is made, what constitutes Art, how Place comes to be and the difference between Space and Place.

What’s On: ENDLESS DIGITAL AQUARIUM asks the question: If a single physical artwork can be remastered digitally 100 times to create a new, unique iteration every time, when will we stop? Or will it be endless?

The SPACE MARKET collection is currently being projected on the walls of stackt’s North Hall, and can be viewed from outside.

The free exhibit runs until the end of March, and you should definitely go check it out – pro tip: Optimal viewing times are between 3PM – 7PM.

Get to know the founder of MakeRoom Inc., Trevor Twells.

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