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A message about the new COVID-19 measures

Happy Tuesday, Artscape community! The Covid Task Force and the Equity, Diversity & Inclusion Committee want to bring a joint message to everyone. Late last Friday, The ON government announced new restrictions around the Stay-at-Home order. The weekend also bought fierce criticism of some of those restrictions, and the Government rolled back the closure of playgrounds.  Some good vaccine news came Sunday when they announced that the AstraZeneca vaccine would be available for people 40 years and older, starting Tuesday, April 20; details here.

  • The Order is extended to May 20, 2021
  • Outdoor gathering is limited to your household; unless you live alone then you can interact with one exclusive household.
  • Restricted sale of non-essential items
  • Closing of the provincial border to limit travellers entering ON, except for the movement of goods
  • Increased police power to stop people who are out of their home, to prevent large gatherings.
Both the TF and the ED&I committee understand the gravity of the policing decision for the communities we serve and us, in particular the most vulnerable, racialized and LGBTQ2S+ communities. While several police departments say they won’t adhere to the most recent announcement, that does not erase the discomfort or trauma that these new regulations impose.  During these challenging times – many emotions have risen and additional fears put into place. Over the weekend we have seen so many amazing resources in allyship and support in combat to the increased power of policing. We encourage everyone to share at their discretion. Feeling safe at the moment has become more and more challenging, the TF & ED&I Committee are here to listen and provide support within our capacity.

Supporting resources:

~Your TF and ED&I Committee
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