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2021.11.23 Holiday Shopping Guide V2 Graphic

2021 Holiday Shopping Guide


Nick Kozak

A 36-page self-published colour zine with images taken in Toronto from March 2020 to August 2021.
Designed by Mark Bain. Edition of 50.





Susan Card

Sushi anyone? A set of Sushi Plate, Miso Soup Bowl with chopsticks and holder plus a
small plate for wasabi and ginger makes a unique gift set. Created as a one-of-a-kind functional ceramic tray, this beautiful accessory art piece will grace a coffee table or credenza, when not used for serving food. The surface designs of my porcelain ceramics are created to celebrate the natural environment through abstract floral decoration, colour and texture.




Mariana Hernandez

My drawings are about the love and pride The St Lawrence Community share. There are gathering places that many people in the community feel connected to, even their own home.

I am here to express this connection through my energetic drawings with watercolour and Ink.  I have been selling prints and doing commissions since the beginning of September.

Instagram: @weforgotlilacs


Artist: Ebti Nabag, Curator: Liz Ikiriko

The Girl in the Red Dress. This print is the first in a new series of annual editions Critical Distance is launching in 2019. Selected by a different guest curator each time, the annual series continues our tradition of providing publishing opportunities for artists while producing affordable artworks for our audiences.


Other photography:


Curator: ma ma, Artists: Eleana Antonaki, and Marina Xenofontos

A Big Heritage with A Glorious Past presents the work of Eleana Antonaki and Marina Xenofontos in an inconclusive dialogue around the migratory experience. In their practices, both artists explore transnational feminist perspectives, honing in on the adversities of migration and strategies of settling and creating homes while in exile.




Jilly Frances

Painting has been a tangible way for me to hold onto the days that pass, and also seems to have resonated with others as reminders of memories they’ve made on specific days of the year – ie. birthdays, weddings, anniversaries, the birth of a new baby, and so on. I’ve found a lot of comfort in the resiliency of the sky – the sun falls and gets up again, always. I’m so happy to share these moments with others. Each sky is painted with nontoxic watercolours on cold press paper.




Lara Stephenson

Modern jewelry rooted in ancient Ayurvedic wisdom


Instagram: @samatastones




Alma Roussy

Caricatures make a unique and personal gift to be framed and hung in a home for years! Done from photos, I include favourite sports, hobbies, professions, logos etc. on acid free illustration board, in colour or b/w.





Marsha Stonehouse

The Feather Series is based on receiving feathers over the last 2 years sometimes in the most unexpected ways. They represent something beautiful, magical and elemental to me… a gift of spirit. They are original watercolours done on 100% rag paper. The sizes are 8 x 10 inches and 11 x 14 inches, matted and in a protective plastic sleeve.

Instagram: @marshastonehouse

Facebook: @stonehousehealingarts

Other artwork:


Nicole Kagan

There are eight hand-detailed, limited-edition artist prints in the Meditative Muses series, available in a range of sizes. Surrounded by calming white space, these symbols encourage viewers to pause, contemplate and embody their meaning as they go about your day. Hang the series in a home workspace, office or wellness space to promote an overall sense of calm and well-being.  


Instagram: @nicolekagan_art  @meditativemuses


Lucy Conte and Joe Calleja 

Quanto Basta: The Art of Just Enough cookbook is the loving result of a 2-year collaboration between writer/philosopher Lucy Conte and visual artist Joe Calleja. Recipe’s from Lucy’s Italian family heritage are beautifully illustrated with over 100 mouthwatering full-colour photographs. Available this holiday season as a limited edition of 325. Get your copies today: $15 flat-rate shipping for 1 to 3 books anywhere in Canada.



Give the gift of theatre...

Rapunzel: The Family-Friendly Musical Panto 

Join Rapunzel and Pockets as they escape the wicked witch Gothel’s tower while trying to reunite the lost princess with her family. All the fun of a classic panto with a modern twist.

Promo Code: HAIRYUP15 for 15% Off



Fireside Munsch!

Four of Robert Munsch’s stories performed as one storytelling play. Adults and children alike will have a ball of fun reliving these Munsch classics. Based on the books Andrew’s Loose Tooth, Swamp Water, Put Me In A Book! and Alligator Baby. Get ready to laugh and help us tell these zany stories.

Promo code:  EARLYBIRD15 for 15% off



A Snowy Soiree with Alicia and Sara

As the snow settles this holiday season, enjoy a musical evening of classic tunes as well as modern hits with a jazzy twist.



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