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Reflections: Artscape 2020-2021

Artscape is pleased to present Reflections: Artscape 2020-2021 – a comprehensive document highlighting our efforts, impact metrics and stories from community members.

The effects of the COVID-19 pandemic resulted in immeasurable disruption to our lives, loved ones and communities. The well-being of artists in the city was challenged; creative communities navigated layers of uncertainty, characterized by a severe lack of resources.

Knowing the situation for most creatives was dire, Artscape gathered as an organization at the onset of the pandemic to strategize and identify opportunities to leverage the organization’s resources in order to respond directly to the rapidly shifting needs of our community. Our actions were guided by our mission: making space for creativity, and transforming communities.

We invite you to read Reflections: Artscape 2020-2021 and learn about our programming efforts, community engagement opportunities and initiatives during this time. You’ll also learn more about the resiliency of our organization and the creative community, and the impact we were all able to make with the support and guidance of creatives across Toronto.

Reflections: Artscape 2020-2021

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