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Meet Our Ray Ferris Creative Tech Springboard Facilitators!

The Ray Ferris Creative Tech Springboard is underway at Launchpad!

We’re excited to introduce you to our amazing facilitators, who are guiding our participants through their creative explorations with innovative technologies. These experienced leaders are multi-disciplinary artists, educators, art sector professionals, authors, photographers and more.

Read on to learn about our facilitators and their professional and personal journeys!

Daniel St. Germaine 

Daniel is a communications professional with more than ten years’ experience in public relations management, with experience teaching and working in many different contexts. A trained actor and a long-time lover of culture, Daniel brings an appreciation for the arts and a love of the original to all his work in public relations.

Esther Maloney 

Esther is a multidisciplinary artist. She is the founding director of Illumine Media, a Toronto-based community-based film project. Her animated short, Another World, is gaining laurels at a number of film festivals. She is the author of the children’s book The Lovebird’s Freedom, and has contributed articles on themes of community, land and motherhood to the Toronto Star, The Globe and Mail and Medium, She was a panelist on the topic of media at the 2018 United Nations’ Commission on the Status of Women. She holds an MA from the University of Toronto, and a BFA in Theatre Performance from Concordia University.

Javid Jah 

With a background in public art and an education in architecture, Javid Jah’s practice explores the traditional origins of sacred geometry. He works in multiple disciplines to produce work that is site-specific, spatial and symbolically aligned to cosmic archetypes. Based in Toronto, Canada, his work integrates various techniques from the Islamic arts, including calligraphy, geometric pattern and traditional architectural forms such as muqarnas. He is inspired by the study of cosmology, exploring how to create experiences that express the unseen dimensions of existence.

Nico Taylor  

Nicole “Nico” Taylor is one of the co-leaders of BSAM Canada, a cultural art not-for-profit. Nico is a writer, scholar, dancer, cosplayer and activist who uses feminism and critical race theory to dissect social constructions surrounding race and representation, especially as they pertain to how we make sense of the images that surround us. As a trained performer in Afro-Caribbean folk dance, Nico has participated in many events showcasing the beauty and vibrancy of Caribbean culture, which included performing in the Opening Ceremony for the Pan Am Games Toronto in 2015. As a scholar, her interest in pop culture and designation as a proud blerd spurred the pursuit of a Master of Arts degree at Concordia University. Her research touched on decolonial practices, feminism, cosplay subculture, and Afrofuturism; specifically, how cosplay can be wielded to revise and reclaim narratives about African diasporic people. Ultimately, Nico’s scholarly work and her engagement and examination of cosplay subculture aims to amplify visibility for cosplayers of African descent, construct space where alternative ways of imagining, creating and being can be explored, and find ways to weave the liberation of speculative processes throughout lived experience

Queen Kukoyi 

Queen Kukoyi (they/she) is a Black Bajan of Igbo and Lokono Ancestry, Queer, Gender-fluid Femme presenting, Mother, Author, Educator, Activist, Award Winning Scholar and International Artist as well as the Executive Director of Operations for BSAM Canada. As a creative, Queen explores a Meta-analytical Afrofuturistic convergence of meditation, music, art, and Noetic sciences through spoken word poetry, digital collage, animations, and along with installation work that touch on concepts surrounding the Afrofuturistic meditative space.

Sid Naidu 

Sid Naidu is a documentary photographer and creative entrepreneur who uses the visual arts as a tool for social impact. Drawing inspiration from street arts, cultural movements and social change, he has created bodies of storytelling works and supported development projects across Asia, Australia & the Americas. His experience led him to develop Scarborough Made, a social impact project championing storytelling in Toronto’s East through documentary stories, creative mentorships, and public art. As a creative changemaker, Sid works with numerous stakeholders, including the City of Toronto, Toronto Arts Council, Toronto Public Library, Centennial College, Complex Canada, Zuma Press & more.




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