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2022.08.27 BAM Night Market Promo Blog Header

Nuit Blanche at Wychwood Barns: BAM! Night Market Vendors

Nuit Blanche is back on and we’re so excited! On October 1st, Artscape Wychwood Barns will be hosting the BAM! Night Market and participating in this year’s Nuit Blanche!⁣

Artists, makers and creatives from Artscape and the wider arts community will showcase their work from 7:00pm to 11:00pm inside the covered street barn. Come shop and support local artists while experiencing the historical Artscape Wychwood Barns at night! ⁣

Other activations including performances and exhibitions will continue throughout the evening until dawn.⁣

BAM! Night Market Vendors

Kristen Allicock

KDA Art & Design


Original Artwork and Handcrafted Jewellery



Deborah D’Urzo    

Finds and Favourites



Throughout my evolution as an artist, I have held firm to a passion for creating handcrafted treasures that reflect the quality and craftsmanship that go into every step of the creative process. With my primary focus being sterling silver jewelry and luxurious hand-made textile accessories, my work allows me to imagine and create new designs, as well as work with my clients to craft custom pieces that possess great significance.


Haneen Arshad  

Haneen Arshad Studio




Haneen creates highly detailed pencil as well as paint marker drawings of the architectural sites. She loves creating historical sites and enjoys the contrast in between the two mediums she uses that compliment each other. Her work was also a runner up in an international drawing competition held in Russia.    Haneen is an Architect and Artist that has a passion for heritage architecture. She practices as a conservation architect sustaining all kinds of historic buildings around Ontario, and as an artist she preserves the current condition and beauty of the ornate architecture around the world through drawings.


Jilly Frances Cohen     

Jilly Frances


How I live and love and relate to the world is through paying attention. I’m constantly learning how to see. And so I make things: paintings, line drawings, poems. All of these forms of making are my field notes: ways to notice, to hold (or let go), to remember.

I paint the sky every day. Beginning January 2020, without knowing the year that was to come, what started as a way for me to hold space for beauty became all that we all had everyday: a view of the sky from our windows. I’ve continued this practice every day since.



Alison Gray


My work has mainly been about documentation – of vanishing landscapes, and “disappearing viewpoints” of streetscapes and heritage structures. Lately I have been moved to try to capture “vignettes” suggesting the presence of people engaged in quiet moments of contemplation. All my drawings are initiated in pencil, on site and from life, and finished in the studio with a variety of materials. Some of these may be executed on a larger scale as paintings on canvas.


Amanda Henderson  



“I find inspiration in folded and draped fabric, and how form is revealed. I meticulously shape recycled sterling silver and gold to create undulating and flowing shapes. The lines between jewellery and art blur as I explore the contrast between the material—sharp, flat, and rigid metal—and the forms it then takes. What was once cold and unyielding becomes soft, voluminous, and graceful. The result is a piece that is both handmade jewellery and one-of-a-kind, wearable sculpture.

Hannah Kilby 

Hannah Michelle Studios



Most broadly, I am a representational painter, settling happily between impressionism and hyper-realism. I work predominantly in acrylic paints, with some mixed media experimentation. I am drawn to capturing sweeping landscapes, dramatic skies and scenes, most often photographed by myself, that strike me as particularly magical. In recent years, I’ve been enamoured with reflective surfaces, whether the wet sheen on fruit or the glimmer of a camera’s flash against a cocktail glass and due to this fascination, my work has expanded to include still-life pieces that, to me, savour the simple, yet marvellous, intricacies of our daily lives.


Cooper Lam-Johnson

northXnorth Design



As a ceramic artist I specialize in slip casting due to my fascination with fractals, geometric patterning and organic forms. I have developed extensive 3D modelling techniques which are brought to life through 3D printing to create my molds. Glazing is an adventure, and I take joy in discovering the right balance between colour, melting and patterning. In order to balance my technologically oriented designs with more traditional craftsmanship I customize my glazes so they harmonize with my geometric pieces. My creative voice emerges from that sweet spot where craft and technology converge.



Abuk Lual



My process can be described as organic and free flowing. I consider my art practice to be my subconscious speaking to me and I take advantage of that to learn about myself. The imagery within my art allows viewers to conceptualize their own understanding of the world while perpetuating curiosity about the true meaning. My intention is to understand myself and inspire others to self reflect while providing a visual and informative experience. Overall, my art demonstrates themes of identity, culture, and abstract.


Keenan O’Toole


I consider myself an object maker playing on the thin line of form versus function. My ceramics investigate the risk of workmanship and boundaries of the material. Inspired by memories and daydreaming of what function could be, each pot is a stepping stone for the next

I think of my work as an inventory of fragments – of objects, drawings and photographs tested by arranging forms in a sporadic array. I invite the viewers into a space of speculation and material confrontation. I use familiar objects that are bridged by a collaboration of a plan, process and improvisation.


Carola Sánchez

Caro Sanchez



My mission is to create real beauty from the inside, to harmonize us with the world through unique pieces of jewelry art. My vision is to create true craftsmanship with a real commitment to the environment, renewing and bringing the jewelry art to the 21st century through originality, dedication and respect for all living things. I believe that fashion must be a statement of your true self and not a mere display of luxury.



Stephen Senkiw


Capturing life in an instant of observation, the author writes with light in his photographs the subtle things observed that make us curious humans.


Diseiye Thompson



Drawing inspiration from her Nigerian heritage; Diséiye’s design aesthetic highlights the exuberance and vibrancy of her culture in the use of colours and textiles, she also draws inspiration from the ballroom community; showcasing her love for movement and music through fashion. Diséiye has honed her design skills and techniques from their eveningwear apprenticeship with Greta Constantine to her time designing wedding dresses at Lea-ann Belter Bridal. Diséiye now specializes in custom eveningwear, bridal and contemporary  made-to-order clothing.



Szonja Vucsetics

Szonja’s Studio



My work often focuses on our relationship to land as the place that holds our stories. I reflect on this connection through expressively painted landscapes and colourful paper collages illustrating my own life story, memories and emotions around childhood immigration from Hungary to Canada; journeys across land and water. My work speaks the visual language of stories and dreams, playfully blurring the boundaries between reality and imagination, impression and expression, representation and abstraction. Like storytelling, my paintings contemplate existential questions, through a process of gestures on canvas that metaphorically evoke rather than reproduce dominant archetypes and symbols.



Jocelyn Williams



I’m working on a series of landscapes that attempt to capture human efforts to control environment and natural forces undermining control. Scenes alternate between mostly construction and human imposition vs artificial construction enmeshed/ overtaken by nature.

I grew up in the suburbs and saw rapid development happening all around me. At an early age I learned that the nature I had been seeing was heavily influenced by human activity, and not the pure utopia I had once imagined. I had a childhood in these marginal spaces. The paintings document environment in flux.



Queenie Xu




My designs seek to explore how ceramic objects can be containers of emotion, as well as how the simplicity of an object can be a complex expression.  I think about the relationship between objects and the space they are surrounded by. I create functional pieces that can move beyond their function toward a sculptural installation.



Stephanie Singh



Growing up, I was always connected to nature with the guidance of my grandmother and mother. The land and plants kept us grounded and connected. “My goal is to make everything around me beautiful, if it is not alive, I will make it beautiful, that will be my life.” I have always had an urge to create and explore new crafts and materials and I completely fell in love with the raw material. I love working with paper by creating textures and shaping my own organic form language. Paper is my way of telling stories of our beautiful surroundings.


Frances Honoridez




When creating, I enjoy making jewellery that is influenced by Filipino folklore and organic structures. My pieces reflect a movement that is creature-like, with self-inquiry as a catalyst. I shapeshift my mediums; playing with linear and abstract forms. Like Mayari, Filipino Goddess of the Moon, I illuminate and embrace all that is idiosyncratic and unruly.

Even though my jewellery is formed through a laborious process, it is the person that makes the pieces. I want my jewellery to act as a conduit of your self expression, a small part of the sum that is you. ”



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