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My own History: Meet Jamal Baksh

Jamal Baksh took a liking in the arts all the way back in kindergarten – growing more interested in middle school as he focused on mediums like painting and sculpting, eventually turning that interest into a genuine passion.

Today he continues to grow as an emerging artist, backed with education from art schools including Wexford Secondary School and Mayfield Secondary School where he completed the Regional Arts program, and created several art pieces and projects that educators took interest in.

“Art has always been an outlet for me and a way of expression, whether it was the visual arts or music. At the present time, I write music, draw, and paint,” says Jamal.

Today, his work can be found hung along the walls of Daniels Spectrum as part of their Black History Month Hallway Gallery Exhibit.

“My art reflects who I am as a person of colour that is made up of many components….There are different components of self that come out in my artwork, such as creativity, emotion, and mentality. However, one of the main components is the historical (my history) component,” says Jamal.

Most of the work he’s produced depicts and conveys feelings of his that were felt, and experienced during different moments of his life.

“From family issues, trauma, broken relationships and friendships, and other experiences, come the inspiration and motivation to produce my art. By showcasing my life and history through artistic expression, as a person of colour, I feel that I am allowing others to observe my history and join with me in my experiences.”

He adds that while he draws on his own experiences, he finds inspiration from scenes of nature, pictures of interest to him, and his mother.


You can catch Jamal’s exhibition from now, until March 15th at Daniels Spectrum.

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