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Artscape Receivership Update – September 5, 2023

Following our previous public statement, we have been actively collaborating with key stakeholders to find solutions that will allow for spaces to continue supporting artists and creatives. The financial challenges are critical, as are those facing the City. However, with the support of the City, TD Bank and other lenders and funders, we can continue to work toward a restructuring while maintaining a skeleton staff for the time being, to ensure minimal disruption to our community

Through this process, we are disappointed and sorry about the situation and for the stress and impact to staff. We have done our best to ensure all staff have been adequately compensated for the time they have worked. Understanding the difficultly of this situation, we have shared resources such as the financial supports available through the government programs such as the Wage Earner Protection Program (WEPP) for unpaid vacation and termination pay. We will also work with partners and lenders to seek further solutions. We appreciate the support and dedication of our staff in our efforts to realize our mission.

As we continue mobilizing our efforts through this receivership, we want to extend deep gratitude to our communities and those who have worked with Artscape for their support and understanding

In addition, we have a special campaign taking place at the moment called ‘Support the Creative Community’, which was inspired by the generosity of community and partners who are contributing in support our efforts on the ground. If you too would like to help fund this critical work for the creative community, and support our mission in seeing artists and creatives thrive, please make your donation today by clicking here.

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