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Our residency at Artscape was incredible! Thank you everyone for giving your time and your skills so generously. I knew you are very good at your jobs; I learned that you are also terrific teachers. We came away from our week with you with renewed excitement and determination to move forward with our project. More importantly, we came away with a clear, specific and achievable plan to reach our goal.

In my studio I feel completely comfortable and able to work to my own schedule, whether it is frantically preparing for a show or speaking about art to my customers or imagining and trying out new forms and methods of creating. However the best part is opening my kiln after firing. It is like Christmas. Sometimes you get a great surprise, but sometimes you are disappointed, and then you want to try again to make a piece perfect.

My studio is the place that allows me to grow as an artist. It is a place to think, play and create, as well as to show, store and teach. It is a multi-purpose art place that has many uses: studio, gallery, storage and…an art instruction school ! It is a place to connect with other fellow artists, to share and exchange art info and feel the art pulse of the community.

The venue set up last night was amazing! So many people complimented us in our choice of venue and how beautiful [the Artscape Wychwood Barns] was. You came through to perfection with the lighting! We had a great night and I think the guests thoroughly enjoyed themselves. Please thank the staff on our behalf. They were so well organized and helped to create a comfortable atmosphere.

Wonderful community space led by fantastic individuals. [Artscape Youngplace] is clean and well organized. Recommend this for any young adults to attend and absorb information and performance as well as to have some of the great attitude rubbed off on you!

The subsidized rental at Artscape Sandbox has allowed us access to a centrally located venue with the professional staff, quality equipment and space we need to attract the participants, media and attendees that make our events as high-level as they are.

I was impressed about how flexible your staff was and how much support was offered to me on that day. [Artscape Gibraltar Point] has everything needed to execute events from a full kitchen, tables, bar, ice, dance floor, audio equipment. And it is all inventoried which made planning not only inexpensive but easier.

We enjoyed our weekend at Daniels Spectrum and received a number of compliments regarding the venue and its location from guests and exhibitors. The event hosts were very personable and responsive.

We got the space [at Artscape Youngplace] and were so happy. Being connected to the Artscape community allows us to develop relationships between local artists and international artists from all over the world.

My mentor is someone I followed and looked up to so when I joined the Ada Slaight Youth Arts Mentorship Program and realized Yasin was going to be my mentor I was so happy. Working with him has definitely helped me bring my photography level up a notch. I really enjoy coming here every Wednesday this program by far is the best artist development program I know and I am so happy to be a part of it.

They taught me to become my own person; to achieve my dreams in the most realistic way possible. They gave me advice to stay motivated, be inspired and do what I had to do to climb to the top. Everything from networking, building websites, collaborations, how to profit and overall what it’s like to be an artist today. Everything from A to Z! I wouldn’t be able to figure out on my own if I didn’t go through [the Ada Slaight Youth Arts Mentorship] program.

Working with Yonatan has been one of the most rewarding experiences I have had, musically or otherwise. I’ve been pretty fortunate with all of the opportunities life has afforded me, and it felt GOOD to be able to share some of my knowledge, experience and mindset with someone just coming up. All of the artists and staff are so motivated, it actually upped my game. I can’t recommend mentoring through this program highly enough.

We jumped on the opportunity [to buy a condo unit]. It’s ideal for artists, because all of us work from home for most of our careers…Here we know we’ve welcome to practice [our instruments] and get our work done. Artscape has also created a platform for finding artistic collaborators and accessing venues, which is really wonderful for us

I operate a retail studio in the Artscape Distillery Studios, where I produce and show hand-made wood furniture with my three staff. My space has allowed me to develop a thriving practice—to keep up with orders and make a living. It’s a wonderful place to come and work, and in the many years I’ve been a tenant here, my business has flourished.

[In our condo development] There are a bunch of theatre artists, a contemporary dancer, visual artists, two classical pianists, a photographer, an improv comedian and a film guy. It’s such a lovely community and so supportive. I forgot my keyboard in Stratford and all kinds of neighbours offered theirs up. We go and support each other’s shows.

This course was a good experience for me personally and professionally. I found the readings very interesting and the assignments thought-provoking and challenging.

The course was very enlightening and considerably broadened my horizons regarding creative placemaking, especially in North America. I lived for seven years in the UK and travelled on the Continent considerably so my experience of place was from a European perspective. Also, I enjoyed connecting with and reading fellow students' projects.

[Artscape executives] have the rare knack of providing expertise in a way that respects the unique needs, talents and circumstances of participants. After working with Artscape, it is clear why they have been successful as catalysts for innovative space development.

[We were] thrilled to be part of the mentoring program with Artscape. The program fit our needs perfectly. Three days jam-packed with in-depth analysis and meetings led directly to strengthened partnerships….

As a consultant and capacity-building partner, Artscape has aided in advancing our collective understanding of the situation for cultural spaces in Vancouver, creating a ‘roadmap’ of policies and programs, engaging with the community, and delivering fantastic learning events for groups with aspirations for space development and operation. The Vancouver real estate scene is tough on artists and cultural groups—when you have a partner like Artscape, the work becomes much richer and more robust—and we can see the positive results.

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