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Wordmark reads, artsUNITE / UNITÉ des arts Leadership Masterclass Series, Presented by RBC Emerging Artists

d’bi.young anitafrika sits on a stool and poses for the camera against a white backdrop, smiling, wearing a black and magenta patterned suit.

MEET d’bi.young anitafrika.

d’bi.young anitafrika is a queer nonbinary African-Xaymacan-Tkarontonian dub poet, monodramatist and Black feminist decolonial scholar.

They are committed to embodying liberatory art practices that ritualise acts of emancipation from oppressions inflicted upon the people and the planet. The three-time Dora-award-winning Canadian Poet of Honour, author of twelve plays, seven albums, and four collections of poetry, was recently celebrated as a Global Leader in Theatre and Performance by Arts Council England and is the 2021 recipient of the Rosemary Sadlier Freedom Award. d’bi.young’s PhD research investigates how Black womxn theatre-makers in Canada, cultivate decolonial praxes and pedagogies of transformation through performance. Their doctoral thesis further develops the Anitafrika Method—a Black-queer-feminist framework that emerges out of the dub theory of Anita Stewart (d’bi.young’s mother).

Throughout the last twenty-five years, d’bi.young has written poetry, created plays, published books, developed a decolonial framework and founded Black-queer-feminist initiatives such as fiwi aat space, anitafrika dub theatre, Spolrusie Press, Watah Theatre and Ubuntu! Decolonial Arts Centre. Their commitment to designing and facilitating decolonial artist-mentorship opportunities has facilitated the growth and development of hundreds of artists on Turtle Island, in the Caribbean, in Africa and in Europe.



  1. What is The Anitafrika Method?
  2. Decolonizing in the Arts
  3. Mentorship as a Model for Learning

Part 2

  1. The 12th Elements of The Anitafrika Method
  2. Self-Knowledge
  3. Breaking Down The Anitafrika Method
  4. The Method is for Everyone


Part 1

Part 2

Visual Storytelling Toolkit

Looking for some reading material? Then this Toolkit is for you!

Throughout d’bi.young anitafrika’s Toolkit, you will find information and resources pertaining the art of the written word, the Anitafrika Method and A Decolonial Framework to your art.

Read on to learn more!

d’bi.young anitafrika smiles and speaks about their Masterclass on The Anitafrika Method as they sit down on a red chair in an open space – hands open with others watching on, wearing a black and magenta patterned suit.

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