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Wordmark reads, artsUNITE / UNITÉ des arts Leadership Masterclass Series, Presented by RBC Emerging Artists

A ecstatic Gayance poses with their arms wide open against a white backdrop, wearing clothing of various green, blue and black hues as well as their unique rounded eyeglass frames.


Gayance, pronounced ‘guy-ence’, is a creole word for joyfulness: an apt description for the unapologetically joyful Aïsha Vertus. The DJ, producer and radio-maker’s Haitian roots are a driving force for her explorations in sound and space.

Gayance reflects on her influences and experiences navigating the music space in Montreal, to lend powerful advice on how to break into the DJ scene. The artist discusses the use of music and partying as tools of resistance, the process of finding your voice as an artist and how to plan a party that’s safe for all!


  1. Gayance: The Art of DJing
  2. DJing Fundamentals
  3. BPM: Beats Per Minute
  4. DJing 101
  5. First Assignment
  6. Practice & Patience
  7. Finding your Sound
  8. Safety in the Scene
  9. Technical, Hospitality, & Ethics Riders
  10. Reflections & Final Thoughts


The Art of DJing Toolkit

Need a little cup of inspiration? Then this piece of reading material is for you! 

Throughout Gayance’s Toolkit, you will find information and resources pertaining to the art of DJing. Like any other arts industry, the DJ scene has it own unique idiosyncrasies. Gayance discusses what you can ask for, what you can expect, and general tips for how to navigate the industry as a visible minority!   

Read on to learn about the DJ scene, how to find your footing in the industry and check out a list of tips and tricks from Gayance herself! 

Gayance happily points their index finger up into the air with their other hand resting on a CDJ turntable – wearing a stylish green, blue and black patterned jacket, rounded eyeglasses and a pair of headphones on top of of their head.

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