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Wordmark reads, artsUNITE / UNITÉ des arts Leadership Masterclass Series, Presented by RBC Emerging Artists

Nyle Miigizi Johnston holds his arm and poses for the camera against a white backdrop, wearing a black T-shirt and various jewellery.


Nyle Miigizi Johnston’s spirit name is Wiishkoonseh Miigizi’enh, meaning Whistling White Headed Eagle. He grew up in Chippewas of Nawash Unceded First Nation and apprenticed with Storytellers since his youth. Through visual arts, his mission is to tell stories.

Nyle takes us through the traditions of storytelling in Indigenous culture – noting that in a time of reconciliation, it is important for people to know about their existence, and that their legacy in stories and teachings are grounded in experience and identity.

Nyle is represented by Highness Global Inc. (


  1. “Sacred Obligation”
  2. “Land Has a Voice
  3. “Stories Are So Important”
  4. “A Sadness That We Carry”
  5. “The Travelling Song”
  6. “Reconnecting”
  7. “When You’re Trying to Create”
  8. “Everybody in This World Is Born with a Gift”
  9. “What We Can Do as Storytellers”


Visual Storytelling Toolkit

Looking for some inspiration by way of the written word? Then this Digital Learning Toolkit is for you!

Throughout Nyle’s Toolkit, you will find information and resources about all things Storytelling, and Visual Arts. From drawing inspiration, to reconnecting with your roots.

Read on to learn about Visual storytelling as told by Nyle Miigizi Johnston.

Nyle Miigizi Johnston speaks about his Masterclass on Visual Storytelling as he sits down on red chair against a backdrop of glass windows and shrubbery – hands clasped and legs crossed, wearing glasses, all black clothing and various jewellery.

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