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Service, Accountability and Support

As a landlord and property manager, Artscape strives to deliver excellent service to our tenants and owners with integrity, openness and mutual respect. What sets us apart is our commitment to creating the conditions for artists to thrive through connecting people who live and or work in our communities with opportunities for collaboration, engagement and professional development.

Artscape is governed by a Board of Directors, and encourages board involvement by tenants, community representatives and other stakeholders. The Artscape Board has a robust sub-committee structure to help us with our work and ensure accountable, transparent tenant stewardship.

How we achieve this

Community Stewardship – We regularly renew the vision of our communities with everyone’s involvement.

Tenant Charters – Our facilities are guided by tenant charters that outline our specific commitments.

Tenant Census – We regularly undertake a census of tenants and owners to better understand the impact of our work with artist communities and gather feedback for continuous improvement. The Census tells us if we’re meeting our commitments as a landlord and achieving our goal of helping artists thrive.

Property Management – Our friendly property management team is highly responsive and aims to support and help our tenants with any issues. Our tenants and owners have access to clear policies, agreements and complaint resolution processes.


Artscape has developed a range of models to deliver below-market pricing that support artists and cultural organizations. According to our most recent analyses of comparable market data (2015), we save our tenants and owners across our portfolio a combined total of $3.3 million per year in occupancy costs, and our commercial rents are 53% of average gross market rates.

How we achieve this

Below-Market Pricing – nearly all of our units are priced below average market values

Rent Geared to Income – one of the  affordability models supporting our live/work units

Affordable Housing – thanks to innovative partnerships with the City of Toronto

Second Mortgage – making home ownership more affordable and attainable for artists and their families

Affordability Analysis – we undertake regular research to compare our prices to market rates and ensure we’re doing all we can to keep prices as low as possible

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