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Eligibility and Selection of Tenants/Owners

General Eligibility

To qualify for an Artscape space, applicants must meet basic criteria related to their profession and financial capacity. Applicants can be:

  • A professional artist(s) as defined by the Draft Canadian Artist Code 
  • An artist collective active for at least two years
  • An arts-based or community-focused non-profit organization active for at least two years

Our goal is to identify qualified applicants who meet our criteria for listed spaces, and who will contribute to the development of an inclusive, engaged community.

We do our utmost to guarantee fairness. Discrimination is an action or a decision that treats a person or a group negatively for reasons such as their race, age or disability. Our policy prohibits discrimination in all of our business activities on any factor prohibited by law.

Application & Selection: Existing Facilities

All space opportunities in our existing facilities are released first to our waitlists, and then made public via our website. All applications are assessed by Artscape and its Tenant Selection Committee, which is composed of Artscape tenants and owners. (Note: when the applicant is an individual artist, the committee does not look at the applicant’s artwork–quality of work does not factor into the selection or qualification process. The committee simply ensures that artist applicants meet the criteria set out in the Draft Canadian Artist Code.)

Application & Selection: New Facilities

Once a space opportunity in a new facility is released, in many cases, we will host one or more information sessions for prospective tenants and owners related to space opportunities. Information sessions help prospective applicants determine if the opportunity is the right fit, and may be a mandatory step in applying. Tours for prospective tenants are always made possible.

In our application processes we generally request the following information:

  • General information (name, contact info, etc.)
  • Artist CV or non-profit organization information
  • Statement of Interest (may include why you’re interested in the opportunity, how the space will enhance your artistic/professional development, and how you propose to use the space)

Materials will also be requested to assess financial eligibility (may include operational budgets in the case of non-profit organizations, or CRA Notices of Assessment in the case of live/work applicants).

Additional information may be required for Affordable Housing applications (ex. proof of citizenship or residency). Depending on the Artscape facility, a proposal re. the Artscape Value Exchange Program, which encourages community engagement, may also be required.

In its tenant/owner selection process for new facilities, Artscape forms an advisory committee composed of current Artscape tenants and owners that reviews all proposals along with Artscape. The selection process involves determining which applicants are:

  • Best suited to the space,
  • Will make the strongest programming contributions to the public, and
  • Have the leadership/financial capacity to execute their vision over the long term

Applicants are also assessed on the basis of their proposals to contribute to Artscape’s Value Exchange Program, where applicable.

Once the committee and Artscape have reviewed applications, selected applicants are interviewed. Some shortlisted applicants may also be interviewed.

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