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Here are some answers to frequently asked questions about Artscape bayside Lofts. If you don't find what you're looking for, feel free to contact

Do I need to register for Information Sessions?

Yes. It is mandatory for all applicants for tenancy to attend an information session, in order for your application to be considered.

Please be sure to register for a session at this link

What is the deadline to apply for tenancy at the Artscape Bayside Lofts?

Deadline to apply:

April 17th 2019 at 11:59 p.m.

Do I need to meet all of the criteria of the Draft Canadian Artist Code?

No. It is recommended that you try to demonstrate that you meet as many of the criteria as possible via your CV and letter of intent, but it is unnecessary to meet all of the points. Those whose CV and letter of intent clearly demonstrate that they meet a majority of the DCAC will be considered.

What is considered valid proof of citizenship?

Any valid government issued ID is valid proof of Canadian citizenship.  For example:

Health Card
Canadian Passport
Permit Resident Card
Driver’s license
Birth certificate

Is there an income limit in order to qualify for these units?

Yes! There is an income limit, for these units, it is:

1 bedroom: $48,768.00

2 bedroom: $57,312.00

3 bedroom: $63,888.00

The entire household’s annual income cannot exceed the limits above. For income obtained through employment, Artscape will use the gross annual income figure from line 150 of your tax return to make the calculation. For income obtained through self-employment, Artscape will use the net income figure in order to determine your household’s annual income.

Artscape will review your CRA Notice of Assessment for the past three years, and will average your income from those three years in order to determine whether your household exceeds the income limit.

What happens if you meet the income requirement at the time of application, but then after you move in your income is now over the threshold?

Income is only assessed once at the time of application.

What is a live/work Studio?

A live work studio is primarily a residential space that is zoned to offer artists and others the ability to work on their artistic practice within their living space. The Artscape Bayside lofts offer artists a space to work within this space. Examples of floorplans and square footage will be available at the information sessions.

Home ownership: I am in the process of selling my house, do I still qualify?

Those who own property are not eligible for units at the Artscape Bayside Lofts. If you are in the process of selling your home and would like to move into a unit at the Artscape Bayside Lofts, you will need to provide documents providing proof of sale and confirming that the transaction was completed prior to your move in date at the Lofts.

Are these units Rent-Geared-to-Income (RGI)?

No. These units are affordable housing units, as deemed by the city of Toronto. This means that the rents are set to a maximum of 80% of the average market rent for Toronto, as published by the Canada Mortgage & Housing Corporation. Tenants at the Artscape Bayside Lofts will not undergo any income reviews after the initial review, and any future rent increases will be to a maximum of the provincially mandated guideline for rent increases annually.

Applicants who are interested in RGI housing with Artscape are encouraged to apply to Artscape’s general waitlist for space, as well as Housing Connections, the City’s centralized waitlist system for social housing opportunities.

Is there a minimum income requirement to be eligible?

No. The only self-assessment will be to determine that you are able to pay the rent.

Do you average the household income?

Yes, household income is averaged over the last 3 years based on the CRA’s Notice of Assessment (typically 2015, 2016 and 2017). Please submit the three most recent years. Whether you were employed or self-employed, the focus will be on reviewing the Notice of Assessment. The selection committee will take an average over three years for your combined total gross employment income and your total net self-employment income.

What if I am a professional artist with a part-time job outside of the arts?

That would not make you ineligible. However, this may affect your income eligibility.

How will the affordable units be allocated?

Units will be allocated based on the size of your household.  There are 3 unit sizes available at the Artscape Bayside Lofts: one-bedroom, two-bedroom, and three-bedroom units. Please read through the eligibility for each unit size carefully before selecting a unit that best fits your needs.

How many bedrooms does a household qualify for?

The City of Toronto’s occupancy standards for affordable households are as follows:

The size of unit that an applicant will be eligible for is determined by the number of individuals in the applicant’s household. For example, a single person or a couple would be eligible for a one bedroom unit, a single person or couple with a child or dependent would be eligible for a two bedroom unit, and a single person or couple with two or more children or dependents would be eligible for a three bedroom unit.

How this breaks down:

1 bedroom units: 1-2 adults OR 1 adult and 1 child

2 bedroom units: 1-2 adults AND 1-2 children

3 bedroom units: 1-2 adults AND 2-4 children

Is it possible to apply for a 2-bedroom and a 3-bedroom unit at the same time? What if I’m eligible for a 3-bedroom but would prefer a 2-bedroom?

What a tenant is eligible to apply for depends on the composition of the household. It is recommended that applicants go for the biggest unit they qualify for.

What is square footage of the units?

1 bedrooms: 530-566 (there are five different sizes, with the min square footage being 530 and the max being 566.

2 bedrooms: 665-730 (there are five different sizes, with the min square footage being 665 and max being 730)

3 bedrooms: 879 and 1,070 (there are two different sizes)

What is a Barrier free unit?

A barrier free unit, is NOT the same as an accessible unit. Barrier means, that light switches within the units will be lower, doorways will be wider to accommodate mobility devices, and window sills will be lower.

These units were built with the 2015 accessibility requirements standards. Artscape is unware that accessibility standards in 2015 are vastly different than 2019, and is committed to doing all that we can in providing as much support as possible to folks with accessibility needs.

What more can you say about the barrier-free units?

The units are still in the construction process but the aim is to include as many features as possible to support accessibility. Once these units are closer to completion, details about the features can be made available. The building will be set up to support wheelchair accessibility; signs will accommodate those with low vision. These units will be prioritized for persons with disabilities, so if you need a barrier-free unit, please self-identify as someone with a disability in your application.

How does it work for “growing families”? What if we’re pregnant with a second child?

Staff will work with tenants to accommodate. Artscape wants to support tenants through their life cycle. If the occupancy increases for a tenant, they would be first on the list for a larger unit.

For people who may not have submitted a tax return yet (e.g., young adult), what do you suggest?

The City/Affordable Housing Office has guidelines for these applicants. Anyone still in school (i.e. under the age of 18) is considered a child. Please include all tax returns available (even if less than three).

If two adults (who are not a couple) choose to co-locate, can they apply?

This living arrangement is permissible by the City. An artist can apply with a roommate. Both parties will need to submit an application, and you will need to indicate your intent to co-locate and the name of the second applicant in your application. You can also propose in your application that your applications be evaluated together.

Applying for other Artscape units:

If you are accepted to become a tenant at the Artscape Bayside Lofts, you will have successfully obtained housing with Artscape and your position on any other Artscape waitlist will be removed. If in future there are any other open calls for new Artscape live/work projects, you are more than welcome to apply- being a current tenant will neither hinder nor help your application.

What if I’m out of town and can’t make the info sessions, do I still qualify?

Artscape is planning on hosting a webinar for folks who are out of town and cannot make one of the scheduled information sessions. Please e-mail to let us know if you are in this situation, and we will e-mail you more information about the webinar date and time.

When can I expect to hear back regarding my application?

Successful applicants will hear back by early June 2019.

Will I be able to see the units in advance?

As this is a popular request, Artscape will try to accommodate successful applicants seeing the units before move-in, but since the area is still a live construction site, we cannot guarantee anything. Successful applicants will notified if they are able to see the units.

If I get a unit when will I be expected to move in?

We are hoping to start move-ins in by early July 2019, but this date is subject to change. The building only allows for one tenant to move in at a time, as such we can only accommodate 2 move-ins per day. This means full occupancy of the building will happen by August 2019.

For the Artscape Value Exchange Program (AVEP), is there a list of opportunities or areas for people to focus on?

No, this is left deliberately vague. Tell us why you’re passionate about it and argue a good case.

Is AVEP for the whole household or just the artist?

Artscape would prefer proposals that engage the whole household.

If you are applying a couple, do you have to do separate value exchanges?

No. You submit a combined proposal.

Can I offer up multiple ideas for the Artscape Value Exchange Program (AVEP)?

Yes, but it is recommended that applicants focus on their strongest ideas.

Will there be a security concierge?

No, there will be an interphone system but no concierge. There will also be a management office onsite that will be open during regular business hours. A building operator will be available after hours. There will be a key fob to get into the building, but once inside the lobby, you will be able to access the unit with no additional key system.

Will the building have recycling? What are the green impacts?

At this point, all three —garbage, recycling and compost/green bin—are expected to be available using a chute system.

How many elevators are in the building?


Do the units have air conditioning?

Yes, Artscape Bayside Lofts will use a centralized system: hot water is pumped into the unit in the winter for heating and cold water in the summer for cooling.

Will there be a shared workspace within the building?

Nothing will be designated as such. The amenity space on the top floor can be booked, and activities in that space will need to fit with ventilation requirements. This space is exclusively for Artscape tenants. The lower amenity space is for the rest of the building. The intention is that tenants could use space at Artscape Daniels Launchpad.

How many hours of sunlight do the units receive on the west and north side?

This is dependent on what side of the building you will be on, either north or west side.

Please note that on the North side of the building, further development is planned for that area across the street. It will most likely be another condo building, but at this point in time, were are unsure as no development plans have been made available.

In terms of moving in and being qualified, will you have to submit your tax forms every year? And if you make over the amount what happens?

No. The only time you will need provide your financial documentation, is upon lease signing. These do not follow the Rent Gear to Income (RGI) model as some of the units do within Artscape’s portfolio.

This means after you move into your unit, you are free to make as much or little money as you would like. Should ask for a transfer to another unit, within the Artscape Bayside Lofts (e.g. going from a one bedroom unit to a two bedroom unit) you need to provide your financial information at that point in time, and if you are over the income threshold, you will be denied the unit.

If you have a second child is there a program to get bumped up wait list?

Unfortunately for Artscape Bayside Lofts, no there is not.

Is there a minimum income?

There is not, but you need to be able to address that you can pay rent. Monthly rent for the units are as follows:

1 bedroom: $933.00 + hydro

2 bedrooms: $1074.00 + hydro

3 bedrooms: $1192.00 + hydro

What if you are currently in a lease? Will there be some flexibility. If you are currently in a rental, need to give 60 days’ notice.

Unfortunately, with construction being what it is, we are unable to guarantee any sort of exact move in date. As such most folks will be paying double rent, for at one month.

Move-ins will be begin by the end of June 2019 or beginning of July 2019, since we will be moving in 80 units within the building, there may some flexibility around your exact move-in date,

Does a percentage of your income need to come from your art practice?


What happens to years you need tax forms – if you’ve lived abroad.

You will need to demonstrate that you were unable to file Canadian taxes for that year because you were living aboard, and provide us with that country’s proof of income documentation. If you made no income, during your time aboard, please state that provide us proof.

How do you notify applicants? What will specific date? By email?

Applicants will know if they have been successful by June 2019. Not before. We will e-mail all successful and non-successful applicants,

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