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Gillian Iles

Gillian Iles


Gillian Iles’ practice consists of painting, sculpture and video/projection. She has exhibited in public institutions, university galleries, artist-run centres and commercial galleries in Canada and the USA. She was a founding member of two artist-run galleries in Toronto – Propeller and Loop. She is currently a member of Red Head Gallery in Toronto and Gillian teaches at the Ontario College of Art and Design, Sheridan College and the Toronto School of Art.


Specializing in mixed media, painting in oil, acrylic and watercolour, sculpture and installation, Gillian has also partnered with sculptures and/or constructions.

Offering creativity facilitation/workshops, workshops / classes for special events.
Experienced with corporate events, teaching workshops, single event classes, mentoring, artist talks and panel discussions.

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Installation Image Of Exhibition You May Be A Winner At Red Head Gallery
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